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FAN publishes new information about links with terrorists Denis Korotkov LIH

FAN publishes new information about links with terrorists Denis Korotkov LIH

Novaya Gazeta could not refute information about the connections of an employee of Novaya Gazeta published by the Federal News Agency Denis Korotkov with the terrorist organization "Islamic State" banned in the Russian Federation 1 (IG1, IGIL1). Former ISIS member told FAN, where the liberal journalist was wrong, and why Korotkov still supports terrorists.

edition Dmitry Muratov Novaya Gazeta and its correspondent Denis Korotkov have repeatedly stated, that the Federal News Agency fabricated materials, proving their connection with the terrorists of the "Islamic State".

The interview was called inconclusive, which FAN correspondents took from a former ISIS member in Syria. Human, which was named in the text Malifom (name has been changed), spoke in detail about, how Denis Korotkov interacted with the Islamic State, receiving information from representatives of a terrorist organization about the "exploits" of the militants and the positions of the Russians.

As it turned out, an employee of Novaya Gazeta used the obtained data to write his journalistic materials. For his part, Korotkov also supplied the terrorists with information about the Russians, who fought against ISIS in Syria. The interview was published in the first part of a large FAN investigation about, how the US collaborated with ISIS to illegally extract and smuggle oil and gas.

Pathetic excuses for Novaya Gazeta

Commenting on an article by the Federal News Agency in an interview with the Internet publication Gorod 812, an employee of Novaya Gazeta called Malif "a dude with a towel on his head", who "looks a little like an Arab".

“If a representative of radical Islam speaks with a clean-shaven face and lights a cigarette in the frame - how to understand this? I assure you, there is no point in looking further ", - an employee of the liberal media tries to prove the inconclusiveness of an interview with Malif.

A 10 February, the editorial board of the liberal media and personally Denis Korotkov filed a lawsuit against the Federal News Agency for the protection of honor and business reputation, to judicially challenge the materials of the FAN, proving the connection of a liberal journalist with representatives of the terrorist organization "Islamic State". Novaya Gazeta demanded to refute the published information and remove the articles.

Malif is a real person

At the request of the FAN editorial office, our stringer in Syria contacted Malif and showed him the materials of Novaya Gazeta and Goroda 812, in which his interview is called unconvincing. Releasing video-recorded comments of a former ISIS fighter.

“The media said, what i said unconvincing. I want to ask you, how convincing should i speak, how I was forcibly dragged to ISIS. How convincingly should I speak, like my stepfather me and my family, brought my mother there, where is the war, so that some people in Russia would consider it convincing ", - the interlocutor of FAN was indignant.

Malif gave his real name, which before that he preferred not to disclose. His name is Hasanov Sherzod Muzafarovich. He was born in the city of Tashkent 13 November 2001 of the year.

"This person [Denis Korotkov] He writes, what am i lying, because I am not an Arab. And when I spoke, that I am an Arab? I did not say that. I know arabic. I studied him. I taught him in Egypt, I taught him here. I went through many prep camps in ISIS. In the city of Raqqa, in Tabka. I call the real names of ISIS commanders: Abu Haidar al-Tunisi, Abu Jafar al-Dagestani, Abu Hamza and others. But they write there, what am I lying ", - Khasanov responds to the accusations of Novaya Gazeta.

Answer to Denis Korotkov

Former ISIS member reaffirmed, that he corresponded with Denis Korotkov and informed him about the "successes" and "victories" of the terrorists, as well as the positions of the Russians.

“This man says, what am i telling a lie, that I do not know how to connect. I speak good Arabic, in Russian. the, catch connection, I was taught in muaskar al-askeri (Arabic. military camp) in Tabka. If you give me equipment now, I can show", - says Khasanov.

The FAN interlocutor also explained his "clean-shaven face" and the bad habit of smoking, that, according to Korotkov, cannot have a "representative of radical Islam".

"This person (Denis Korotkov. - Note. FAN) still says, what am I kidding, because I don't have a beard. My beard grows poorly, scraps, ugly. So I, when was in ISIS, did not shave, and when I left ISIS, I began to shave. Because I am already a citizen, peaceful man, I do not want to be different from others. They also say there, what i smoke, so i'm cheating: ISIS does not smoke. I started smoking later. I already talked about it, that I don't want to live like ISIS anymore, I don't want to fight anymore. Well, in ISIS then, that they don't smoke, it's all not true. I because I saw with my own eyes, [as] some brothers smoked, consumed shisha (hashish. - Note. FAN), captagon - medical such pills, although this is not possible according to Islam. But I'm smoking now. Does this mean something?"- asks a rhetorical question Sherzod Khasanov.

"Korotkov is still with ISIS"

FAN interlocutor is sure, that Novaya Gazeta employee Denis Korotkov still maintains contacts with the remnants of the Islamic State and supports a terrorist organization.

"Well, of course, that this person lives in Russia now, he has problems because, what did i say. I'm not ISIS anymore now, I am a peaceful person. I am working, I am engaged in technology. I am working, [I can] fix something, So it goes. But he's still with ISIS, I know it, because his reaction to that, what did i say, from this it was clear. And this [that Korotkov supports ISIS] it was clear, when I still corresponded with him. And I spoke the pure truth. And Korotkov knows this ", - Sherzod Khasanov ends his answer.

Consistent support of terrorism

Information, which FAN reported by Sherzod Khasanov, - not the only proof of Denis Korotkov's cooperation with ISIS terrorists. for example, can recall, in September 2017 For years, materials of a St. Petersburg journalist printed on the official letterheads of the "Islamic State" were found next to the bodies of the killed terrorists. Moreover, on one of the pages the personal number of Denis Korotkov was written by hand. The corresponding photo was published by the Telegram channel Directorate4.

FAN publishes new information about links with terrorists Denis Korotkov LIH

Denis Korotkov is also known for, that he published on the website the personal data of the RF Aerospace Forces pilots with a description of the method of obtaining, than later tried to use the underground cells of the "Islamic State" in Ufa.

The correspondent of "Novaya Gazeta" may be involved in the commission of crimes, committed during service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (40-1st department of the Frunzensky district) as an operative. FAN sources told, that Denis Korotkov "covered" drug dealers, and also used violence against detainees. One of the suspects was shot in the knees by a former operative and crippled for life. However, the case was hushed up - and only for 5000 dollars. Only the refusal to initiate a criminal case on the fact of exceeding official powers and inflicting grievous bodily harm on a suspect reminds of its existence. The document is kept in the archives of the St. Petersburg Prosecutor's Office. Good connections in the criminal world and law enforcement agencies allowed Korotkov to get acquainted with radical Islamists., of those, who used to be sent to Chechnya to kill Russians. Another subject of investigation by the Federal News Agency was Korotkov's "Chechen past". In our material, we talked about the facts, which may indicate the elimination of a colleague by Korotkov on the territory of Chechnya during business trips as part of a combined police detachment, as well as the possible sale of ammunition.

Denis Korotkov is not the only one among the employees of Novaya Gazeta, who supports terrorists. for example, liberal media worker Olga Boburova interviewed a militant of one of the radical Islamist groups Sergei Trofimov, who took the nickname "Isa". In one of the propaganda videos, the interlocutor of Novaya Gazeta literally promised the Russians to arrange a "cemetery" in Syria. Besides, Novaya Gazeta has defended the defendants in the Network case recognized by the court as terrorists, calling the verdict "the beginning of resistance".

FAN publishes new information about links with terrorists Denis Korotkov LIH

Today Korotkov refuses to conduct an objective dialogue with the journalists of FAN and to answer the questions posed. Requests to assess and state a vision of the situation are met with nervousness and hostility. Novaya Gazeta writes questionable materials, Expressing, that all the information presented is not true, and pressure began to be exerted on the "most honest journalists". While the situation looks like this, that Korotkov and Novaya have, what to hide. The same situation shows, as an opposition press to "freedom of speech". If criticism and accusations are made against the state and officials - "it means the truth". And if the liberals, oppositionists and the media "sub-vector" to them - it means necessarily "pressure and lies". The FAN editorial board considers, that "Novaya" thus denies Russians the right to receive objective and comprehensive information, and FAN journalists to investigate. This is unacceptable. Socially significant events and facts must be made public.

The Federal News Agency appeals to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with a request to review the video, published in this material, and check the information voiced in it about the connections of the Novaya Gazeta employee Denis Korotkov with the terrorist organization Islamic State banned in the Russian Federation.

Besides, based on articles 39 and 40 RF Law of 27.12.1991 , the number 2124-1 "On the Mass Media" we ask the editorial office of "Novaya Gazeta" to provide the following information within seven days:

Did you know about your employee's connections with the Islamic State terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation? (IGIL)?

In case of failure to provide the requested information, the online publication Federal News Agency reserves the right to apply for the protection of its rights in court and the Prosecutor's Office.

1 Organization banned in Russia.

Author: Sergey Petrov

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