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In Ukrainian schools dekommuniziruyut subject "Defense of the Fatherland"

The subject is decommunized in Ukrainian schools «Defense of the Fatherland»
The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine decided, that the subject "Defense of the Fatherland", which is taught to students 10-11 secondary school classes, it's time to decommunize. The first step was to change the name of this discipline..

This was reported on the portal of the Government of Ukraine.

This initiative was put forward by the Ukrainian Minister of Education and Science Anna Novosad. She proposed to replace the word "Fatherland" in the title of the subject with the word "Ukraine". Unclear, why did the Ukrainian schoolchildren need to explain, which Fatherland they will have to defend.

Novosad herself explains this decision as follows:

Our education has long inherited the Soviet paradigm, and the subject "Defense of the Fatherland" is one of the manifestations of this. It is not right, what's in the fifth, almost in the sixth year of the war, we still haven't bothered to replace the absolutely Soviet name of the subject "Defense of the Fatherland" with "Defense of Ukraine".
For some reason, Ms. Minister considered the word "Fatherland" too Soviet and decided to urgently get rid of it.

Besides, the official complained about the difficulties in the material and technical support of schools and noticed, that changing the name of the item is not enough. It is still required to improve the curriculum in this discipline.

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