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The NI tied OSNOD system with an increase in the radius of the Russian fighter

The NI tied OSNOD system with an increase in the radius of the Russian fighter
Representatives of the American magazine The National Interest do not get tired of sharing their views on Russian military equipment. Literally every day, materials are published on the pages of this publication, contradicting each other in terms of assessing the characteristics of Russian weapons. This time the material turned out to be devoted to Russian aviation., in particular the question of, which will allow Russian-made fighters to increase the range of their use.

Written material (Charlie Gao) He writes, that Russian fighters in this regard can be helped by OSNOD - the unified communications system, data exchange, navigation and identification.

NI reports on Russian OSNOD, "Resembling the Link-16 data exchange network", which is used in the NATO environment. also added, that it acts as the Russian analogue of the American CEC - a kind of combat information system.

Recall, that earlier in Russia plans were announced to equip OSNOD with Su-30SM fighters (upgrade to Su-30SM1) and Su-57. This system allows the coordination of aircraft actions. (helicopters) when performing combat missions. The OSNOD version for the Su-57 is distinguished by constant crypto-protection of data during their exchange, as well as increased noise immunity. Such a system is characterized by a high data processing speed, which allows the pilot to receive a wide range of protected information in real time.

Not quite clear, how OSNOD is directly related to the characteristics of the range of combat use of fighters.

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