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Pro-Turkish militants lay down their arms, shooting video of the impact of Russian VKS

Pro-Turkish militants lay down their arms, shooting video of the impact of Russian VKS
The video appeared on the Web, filmed, presumably, in recent days in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo. In the video you can see, like militants from pro-Turkish groups, throwing weapons, run out into the open, to remove on mobile devices the effects of a strike by Russian aerospace forces in northern Syria.

Exact release date unknown, one of the Twitter users posted it 21 February on your page, the same day, the video appeared on the You-Tube channel. Most likely, the shooter captured the moment when Russian planes attacked the advancing fighters 20 February, in the area of ​​the village of Neyrab in the south of the Idlib de-escalation zone.

The video is shot, how several militants run out of cover, having dropped their weapons and begin to shoot on mobile phones the consequences of strikes by the Russian air forces. In this case, only the Turkish military remains with weapons, who, with his cries and gestures, is trying to drive the militants back into cover, not to get hit by aviation.

earlier it was reported, what 20 February, militants launched an attack in the area of ​​Neyrab. Gangs attacked positions of government forces three times with the support of Turkish artillery and tanks. When repelling enemy attacks, Syrian troops destroyed over 150 armed opposition fighters. Despite Ankara’s statements about the capture of Neyrab, the Syrian army does not confirm his loss.

meanwhile, according to orientalist Gevorg Mirzayan, attack on Neyrab Erdogan began dismantling militants, since you can’t transfer everyone to Libya, and Idlib province will still have to surrender to government forces, who do not think to stop the offensive.

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