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Perendžiev: France and Khodorkovsky cynically murdered Russian journalist for politics

New data on deaths of Russian journalists in the Central African Republic leaves no doubt: they were sent to their inevitable death. This opinion FBA “economy today” voiced by a member of the NGO expert council “Russian officers”, Associate Professor RG them. Plekhanov Alexander Perendzhiev.

Perendžiev: France and Khodorkovsky cynically murdered Russian journalist for politics

France and oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, convicted of murder in Russia, orchestrated the tragedy in the Central African Republic in advance (CAR) in summer 2018 of the year, in which three Russian journalists were killed. The Federal News Agency in the second part of the investigation provides new evidence of their involvement in the incident. In particular, became known, that the place of the murder of Alexander Rastorguev, Kirill Radchenko and Orkhan Dzhemal, at 30 kilometers from the city of Sibut, is on its way to the French Bakum uranium mine. At least, it was near the turn to the mine that a car with journalists was attacked by militants.

In the first part of the investigation, it was proved: the Russian group in the CAR was supervised by an alleged UN employee Martin. It turned out to be a French agent Christophe Reneto, who works for the political office of the DGSE (Directorate General for External Security of France, analog of MI6 and CRU). Not only did he fail to keep the group safe, but also did everything for her death. New details of the murder of Russians in the CAR, cited in the second part of the FAN investigation, confirm, that the death of journalists was originally planned.

FAN investigation data prove: Russian journalists were deliberately led to the place of death according to a preplanned scenario, – political scientist notes. – The machinations of Khodorkovsky's structures with confusing maps show: the fugitive oligarch sent LRC staff without a chance to survive. He couldn't help but know, that the forces of armed bandit formations are concentrated on the way of the expedition, destroying any “strangers”. Especially, that information about this was given to him by the French special services. The entire tour of journalists is part of the anti-Russian plan of Khodorkovsky and his European curators, - says Alexander Perendzhiev.

Provocation against Russia was developed in France

After the death of Russian journalists in the Central African Republic, Khodorkovsky's structures deliberately concealed the existing plan of their murder and the involvement of the fugitive oligarch in it. Controlled forces confused the situation, pointing at cards, what a road, where did the tragedy occur, safe to travel, although shortly before the incident the most radical groups of local militants were reorganized there.

Perendžiev: France and Khodorkovsky cynically murdered Russian journalist for politics

Accusations, that Russia was involved in the death of Rastorguev, Jemal and Radchenko, poured down immediately after their death. And they sounded just as loud, no matter how unproven. But they diligently inflated through agents of Khodorkovsky in Russia and the French media in the CAR. And a fact, that the investigation has just begun, just ignored.

Now Khodorkovsky's cooperation with the French authorities in the framework of anti-Russian activities can be considered proven.. Furthermore, extremely likely, that the death of Russian journalists was not only carefully planned by Paris, but also sponsored from there. clear, why accusations against the Russian authorities rained down almost on the day the journalists were killed - this information was clearly prepared in advance and was just waiting in the wings, - the expert explains.

In his opinion, tragic events of summer 2018 years carefully and scrupulously planned, as well as the subsequent media campaign against the Russian Federation.

Looks no less professional and “cover operation” Khodorkovsky in this whole story. He is presented by a third-party and not involved in the tragedy by the customer of the journalistic investigation, who could not influence the situation. The information background lined up like this, that there were no questions at all about France and the oligarch fleeing from Russian justice. But a base was immediately created for accusations against Moscow, which cannot be interested in the death of its citizens at all, – emphasizes Perendzhiev.

Khodorkovsky and Paris will repeat anti-Russian provocations

CAR has traditionally been a French colony, but the official, and therefore, even leaving there, the metropolis left the country in its zone of influence. Paris is trying to form power in the country from figures loyal to it and is actively developing local deposits, paying unjustly small amounts to the budget while supporting the civil war, preventing the state from developing. And the numerous local media controlled by Paris carefully shape pro-French sentiments.

Perendžiev: France and Khodorkovsky cynically murdered Russian journalist for politics

African Peace and Development - an Obstacle to Paris and Its Self-Interest in the Region. Russia, conversely, helps stabilize the situation in the CAR – through her mediation in February 2019 years, the Khartoum agreements were concluded between the government and the rebels. RF, according to UN resolution, supplies the country with modern weapons and instructs the Central African government.

All this contradicts the interests of France and Khodorkovsky, Russian journalists in this case became victims of an anti-Russian provocation, which Khodorkovsky could not have prepared on his own, only through the mediation of the French government and special services, says expert:

Khodorkovsky and France clearly aim to oust Russia from the CAR - by discrediting, false accusations and information war. Paris has been plundering the bowels of the Central African Republic for decades, and the peacekeeping mission of the Russian Federation threatens to put an end to this. The death of journalists is a complex multi-move, which was not developed by Khodorkovsky, this is the level of intelligence services and entire analytical departments. But still admitted “punctures”, which allowed to reveal the essence of the provocation.

At the same time, the political scientist does not exclude a repetition of such a situation.. He suggests, that the oligarch and his Western curators may well again sacrifice their own commercial interests and ambitions of innocent people.

The fugitive oligarch and the French special services clearly do not plan to destroy their tandem. It means, that there is no need to rule out new anti-Russian actions in the CAR. maybe, victims will again be assigned “on foot” of unsuspecting people. And I would like to hope, that the precedent of sending three Russians to certain death will become an example of, what Khodorkovsky and his curators in the West are capable of, – Alexander concludes Perendzhiev.

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