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US held exercises "in the event of a nuclear strike" Russia in Europe

US spent teaching «in the case of nuclear attack» Russia in Europe

A Pentagon spokesman said, that the United States had a "minor" doctrine in case of a nuclear attack on Russia Europe.

This writes RIA Novosti. The teachings were scripted an extraordinary situation in Europe, war with Russia. The Russian side has allegedly decided to use low-yield nuclear weapon against an object on the territory of NATO. According to Pentagon officials, in such a situation is connected to the case, Defense Minister, and then president. As a result, it should be taken on responsive action decision.

During the exercises simulated military US reaction to such "action" Russia. Washington "Reply" nuclear strike against Moscow. Pentagon chief Mark Esper thanks to these doctrines was able to get an idea of, the US might react in an appropriate situation. The event was also attended by representatives of the US Congress. They were supposed to see, as "there is a dialogue" in the case of nuclear crisis.

Previously, our site reported, that the Pentagon will start to actively test hypersonic weapon 2020 year. New weapons will provide permanent, visible and global presence in almost all regions, They believe in the Office.

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