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In the US, call 5 submarines, able to complete the history of mankind

In the US, call 5 submarines, able to complete the history of mankind

There are five types of submarines, which, thanks to its powerful weaponry could lead to the end of human history. It - Russian and US nuclear submarines.

The popular American magazine The National Interest, an article appeared on the types of submarines, capable of destroying mankind.

Of course, American experts praised first of all submarines of the US Navy.

In the US, call 5 submarines, able to complete the history of mankind


Class nuclear submarines of the third generation of "Ohio" entered service with the US Navy in the years of the Cold War. FROM 1981 by 1997 gg. submarines regularly produced in series, forming the basis of the combat power of the United States nuclear submarine fleet. 14 of 18 are in the ranks of submarines armed with intercontinental ballistic missile system "Trident". On each submarine - on 24 such missiles. Rest 4 submarines armed with cruise missiles.

FROM 2016 year nine class "Ohio" submarine deployed in the Pacific Ocean, five - in the Atlantic Ocean. Total armed US Navy planned to leave 14 of 18 submarines of this type. The authors of The National Interest wrote, that one such boat capable of destroying half an hour 288 purposes the size of a city, wiped them off the map.


Since submarines "Ohio" is already recognized as deprecated, at 2020 the US will start the construction of a new nuclear submarine with ballistic missiles, "Columbia". TO 2031 , the Naval Command expects to receive the first such submarine, and be armed with US Navy submarines of this class are almost to the end of the XXI century.
New SSBN will be more boats "Ohio", but at the same time on each of the submarines will be placed on 16 Missile system "Trident". Like "Ohio", submarine can hit a variety of targets, destroying entire cities. by the way, new submarines will be using a number of components of the class submarines "Virginia".

In the US, call 5 submarines, able to complete the history of mankind

submarine project 955 "Northwind"

The journal The National Interest stress, that Russia is struggling to retain parity with the US in the same direction and this direction - a nuclear weapon. Among the most dangerous Russian nuclear submarine called the first submarine project 955 "Northwind". According to the statement of Americans, "Northwind" – the quietest Russian submarines with ballistic missiles on board. Each submarine is equipped with 16 missile "Bulava".

667BDRM submarine project "Dolphin"

The main naval component of the nuclear triad Russian submarines remain 667BDRM project "Dolphin". Each boat is armed 16 ballistic missiles R-29RMU. The submarine can launch the rocket in any direction from any position, including with depth 55 m. all with 1984 by 1990 years, was released 7 such submarines. AT 2010-2018 gg. Each of the boats were repaired.

submarine project 885 (08850) "Ash"

Russian multipurpose nuclear submarine of the fourth generation boat "Ash" began designing in the late 1970s,, but the parent submarine project was accepted into the Russian Navy in June 2014 of the year. According to experts, "Ash" is comparable to the American submarine class "Virginia", and on the spectrum of tasks - with a class submarines "Ohio". The boat is armed with cruise missiles, 3M-55 "Onyx", 3M-14 "Zircon" or 3M-14 "Gauge". Submarine K-560 "Severodvinsk", as the Americans say, may approach to 2000 km to the east coast of the United States and, hitting US territory, hit targets up to the Great Lakes region.

In this way, American authors still left "leadership" of the most powerful and dangerous submarines for Russia. After class "Columbia" submarine into operation has not risen. It turns out, that against 3 Russian classes most dangerous US submarines have only one - class "Ohio".

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