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In India wanted to localize the production of Rafale fighters on its territory

In India wanted to localize the production of Rafale fighters on its territory
India, making a purchase of more than three dozen Rafale fighter jets from France (while the party is not delivered to the customer), made it clear, that if you will buy a new large batch of these aircraft, the French have to go to certain concessions. On what specific concessions in question?

So, in the Indian press reported that, that state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in India (HAL) He joined with the French company Dassault in talks. Target for HAL is the opportunity to start the production of the "Rafale" in India. The company is operating in the country to explain the program «Make in India».

It should be noted, that the question of French fighters localization of production in India rises to 2012 of the year, but then the French side rejected the proposal by India.

According to the Indian General Bipin Rawat, for 4 years India could order more 36 fighter "Rafale", if the French will go to the creation of the Indian branch of the enterprise.

Bipin Rawat makes it clear, that Indian authorities want to get the production line “Rafal” in its territory:

It would be possible to localize the production of fighter aircraft or some of the important components for them on our territory.
At the same time the Indian journalists managed to find out some of the features already concluded contract. It turned, that the purchase contract 36 "Rafale" cost the Indian treasury as much in 7,8 billion.

It turns out, that the cost of one "Rafale" under this contract - astronomic: nearly 217 million euros. But in New Delhi said, what 50 percent of the contract cost the French "send in the defense sector in India with the partial transfer of technologies". In other words, the price of one "Rafale" (on rough estimates) India - about 108-109 million dollars. However, this price seems very high for a fighter 4th generation.

Opposition forces in India, Guided by this information,, They accuse the authorities in implementing the corruption schemes.

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