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Huthis downed a Saudi airplane Tornado Soviet missile modification: presented footage

Huthis downed a Saudi airplane Tornado Soviet missile modification: presented footage
The video appeared on the network, which confirms the information that, that the fighter-bomber Tornado Air Force of Saudi Arabia has been hit by a missile. We are talking about the loss of Saudis of its military aircraft over the border of the Yemeni province of al-Jawf. At the moment of impact of the aircraft, he performs an operation to bomb the positions of an armed group "Ansar Allah", known as "Huthis".

Earlier Riyadh confirmed the loss of the "Tornado" in the skies over Yemen, however, about the causes of the crash are not reported.

Clearinghouse Al-Masirah publishes video infrared, reporting, that sealed frames entering class "surface-to-air" missiles on fighter-bombers of the Saudi Air Force.

In the Arabic-speaking blogs noted, that the impact of the aircraft was deposited using a mobile air defense system, which Huthis installed in pickup trucks. recalled, that in the arsenal Huthis some time ago there were a modification of the P-27 Soviet missile.

Initially it missiles "air-to-air". but, if you believe the reports, Huthis, taking control of warehouses with ammunition at military airfields in Yemen, subsequently modified the P-27 for use as anti-aircraft missiles. So, Modified rocket R-27 in Huthis 2018 He was allowed to shoot down the plane F-15 Saudi Air Force.

The Western media is supposed, Huthis that can get somewhat complex "Sayyad-2", produced in Iran. "Sayyad-2" – in fact it is the Middle East modification of the Soviet S-75 "Dvina". Analogs "Dvina" were made in China and the Islamic Republic of Iran. celebrated, that the impact could be applied, and with the help of this modification of the Soviet missiles.

Video strike on the aircraft Tornado:

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