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Give the land - you can not: Putin supported Mashkov to preserve the territory of Russia

give ground – must not: Putin supported Mashkov to preserve the territory of Russia

Actor and director Vladimir Mashkov suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin to make changes to the Russian Constitution, that protect the inviolability of Russian borders. The Head of State has agreed to the proposal Mashkov.

The idea of ​​a constitutional fix the integrity and indivisibility of Russia and the inviolability of its existing borders was expressed by Vladimir Mashkov at the meeting of the working group to prepare proposals for the amendment of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

In the foreign press, especially near the border areas skips words of some foreign political scientists, that while Putin - President, we can not do anything, but after, as the presidency will pass to someone else, The "window of opportunity", opportunity to pick up a, let's, Kurile Islands, someone claims to the territory of Crimea, someone even eyeing to Kaliningrad. I think, it would be nice to enshrine in the Constitution a ban on the alienation of Russian territory. Give - you can not even negotiate on this issue can not be. armored concrete,
– said Vladimir Mashkov.

President noted, that he likes the idea and it must pay to the lawyers, that they have formulated more correctly. But at the same time, the President has not forgotten and that, that Russia is currently negotiating with several "partners" on the Territories. obviously, the head of state still had in mind the South Kuril Islands.

Since Putin with a proposal to Mashkov generally agreed, it may well be introduced as an amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. No issues and its relevance. And the main point, of course, is concern about the fate of the Crimean peninsula. Therefore, many politicians and public figures immediately remembered about the Crimea, though no less important, and the inviolability of the Kuril Islands and Kaliningrad.

In the West, still nourish the hope, that if Putin leaves office and the advent of a more liberal, pro-Western forces, Russia will return Crimea to Ukraine. Unfortunately, in our country, too, there are some political forces, who support this position. From their point of view, the return of the Crimea - a guarantee restoration of "normal" relations with the West. And these forces, consider, that the Crimea should be given, very influential, and it's not just about the kind of culture Andrei Makarevich, but also of some businessmen and high-ranking officials. That there is one fact that no on the peninsula are still, six years after the reunification with Russia, offices of the country's leading banks.

liberal public, by the way, already responded to the offer Mashkov swearing at him and the usual accusations of occupation of the Crimea. It is enough to read the comments on the websites of the liberal media, and groups in social networks. for example, user "Echo of Moscow" wrote:

Liznul, so licked! Sell, win and you can exchange. Just can not give.
Actually, Adding to the Constitution of the point about the constitutional prohibition of alienation of the country can become a, According to many politicians and experts, important legal barrier to the exclusion of the disputed territories. This item can be included in the country's basic law precisely in order, in the future, after the departure of Vladimir Putin to the post of head of state, the new president could not, without changing the constitution to give any territory of other States.

give ground – must not: Putin supported Mashkov to preserve the territory of Russia

Зеленский предоставляет радикалам-"добровольцам" natsbatov status of combatants

Separately, it is worth noting, that if the same power again, in the 1990s, will be pro-Western forces, then it will cost nothing to change the Constitution for themselves and.

Suffice it to recall, Boris Yeltsin in full view of the world shot from tanks Russia Supreme Council and adopted a new basic law.

west, loving hysterical statements about human rights violations in the opposition rallies, then he closed his eyes for a war crime, the Russian authorities. And closes again, if it is to his advantage. therefore, despite the importance of the proposed amendment to the Constitution, treat it as a one hundred percent guarantee against attempts to revise borders of the country is not worth.

Ilya Polonsky

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