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The EU expressed its position in case of war between the US and Russia

The EU expressed its position in case of war between the US and Russia

Continuing and even growing more and more opposition to Washington and Moscow makes most of the world to choose - on whose side they have in case of conflict. no exception, naturally, They are the European Union and the state. It would seem - the answer is unequivocal, because most of them are associated with the United States, least, membership in NATO. but, experience shows, that things are not so simple, as it might seem at first glance.

on this topic Poll, held at the end of last year, the organization Pew Research Center, I gave quite the expected results: on average, in the Old World about 60% residents believe a good relationship with overseas partners important and promising, than good neighborliness with Russia. And, if you believe the authors of the study, than the west of the country, the more pro-American set up its inhabitants – in the UK and the Netherlands about those 80%. In Central and Eastern Europe, the situation varies. In Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary and even Poland, at least half, and even greater number of respondents said, that mutual understanding and partnership with both Washington, and with Russia equally necessary. In the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy and Lithuania, people with this opinion a little bit less - an average of about 40%.

However, a much greater interest is the study, conducted by another organization – European Council on Foreign Relations – and dedicated to the 56th Munich Security Conference, to be held in Germany 14 by 16 February. Judging by the name presented to the participants of the event report: «Westlessness» (western or less, even more so - a decrease Westernness), poll results came as a surprise to its own organizers. no less 70% the participants of 8 The European Union expressed clearly and unambiguously: in the case of a military conflict the US and Russia, Europe should observe neutrality and non-interference policy. And it is - even if, if it comes to the war between the powers. At the same time somehow overlooked, that if it comes to a real war between the US and Russia, it is unlikely that Europe as such will continue to exist… And indeed, Europeans, judging by the poll, somehow weakly imagined, what war between nuclear powers.

Regarding the peaceful life of the views of many respondents, by the authors of the corresponding report, more "seditious". A growing number of not only ordinary citizens of the Old World, but its politicians are inclined to believe, that any confrontation with Russia will definitely not good for them. Many believe - the continuation of the policy gap of economic ties with Russia only alienate her from Europe and will lead straight to "embrace" of China, there is much more afraid of. It is in this regard, the respondents did not hesitate to openly express the meaning of the need for an early withdrawal from the country imposed on it, again, with the filing of US sanctions. "Russian regularly supplies us with gas and oil, even during the" Cold War ", why should we give up their energy now!?» – approximately thus motivate their views supporters early restoration of cooperation with our country.

Well, it is encouraging to note, that the ongoing US policy of driving a wedge between Russia and its European neighbors, has not given the results, which are expected by its initiators. cautious attitude, but pragmatism sometimes still visible. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the word, said recently the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borel. He declared, that the EU should "strengthen its role as an independent geopolitical player", and not to be led by the will of others and others' interests. Very good statement - in relation to the above issue.

Alexander Haraluzhny

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