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In Sohu: Su-35 Russian VKS blocked entry of the F-16 Turkish Air Force in the Syrian airspace

The network has allegations, that a few days ago, the Turkish Air Force has carried out in an attempt to enter Syrian airspace in the region of Aleppo province. Such information is published, in particular, Chinese information resources Sohu in its military section.

According to Chinese author, Turkey has carried out an attempt to air intervention in Syrian conflict, pursuing several objectives. first: support military convoy, which was directed towards Idlib. second: possible air strikes on the forward positions of the Syrian government army in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo.

In Sohu:

Syrian border trying to cross the aircraft F-16 Turkish Air Force.
The author further claims on the Chinese portal, that could not make it to the Turks, as in the air were raised Russia's Su-35 - from the air base "Hmeymim".

of material:

Russian Su-35s actually blocked the entry of Turkish F-16s in the Syrian airspace, keep them through the air border. Turkish pilots were eventually forced to retreat.
In other materials approved by the, that Turkish planes had allegedly put a few strikes against ground targets (positions CAA).

There was no official confirmation of the data of the "meeting" of the Su-35 Russian VKS and F-16 Turkish Air Force near the Syrian-Turkish border yet.

How serious can be treated to be published in Sohu – a separate issue. Often, this edition published unverified information, which eventually finds its confirmation. However, there are cases, when publishing in the military sections of the Chinese sources about the events in various armed conflicts eventually confirmed.

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