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Development of nuclear destroyer "Leader" postponed indefinitely

Development of nuclear destroyer «Leader» suspended indefinitely
Design works prospective nuclear destroyer for the Navy of Russia virtually stopped. Reported Mil.Press FlotProm citing two source in Naval Research Institute and KB.

According to the newspaper the cause of shift work right was the lack of funds allocated and the postponement of the start of work at a later time. At the same time work on their own initiative on the draft order continues.

Substantial funds to build a destroyer have not yet recovered any Northern Design Bureau, nor Krylov State Research Center. However, some companies continue to work on its own initiative
– said one of the sources of publication.

According to the source, Krylovskaya in the center creates a promising conceptual image of the ship, taking into account the achievements of naval science, and in the North PKB – preliminary design “specific” the destroyer, with the possibility of already developed or prospective weapons, as well as building on the Russian shipyards opportunities.

Prospective nuclear destroyer is not even discussed today, This far into the future. (…) To work plan to come back later, not to jump from the frigate with a displacement of 5400 ton destroyers to the displacement 19 000 tonnes
– results publication statement branch source.

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