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The Defense Ministry called the delivery times deeply modernized Tu-160M

The Defense Ministry called the delivery times deeply modernized Tu-160M
The first modernized strategic missile carriers Tu-160M ​​will begin to enter the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2021 year, according to earlier planned dates. It is reported by the Russian Defense Ministry's press service.

according to the report, the first deeply upgraded strategist Tu-160M ​​will be transferred to the military in 2021 year, and then every year the supply of missile carriers will increase.

Under the existing contract, the transfer to the troops of the upgraded strategic Tu-160M ​​bombers will begin in 2021 year with a further annual increase in supply
– It said in a statement.

As previously reported, during the modernization of the Tu-160M ​​should receive a new airborne radar family “short story” HB1.70 instead of the standard radar for Tu-160 “Obzor-K”. A new airplane is installed on the plane “glass cabin”, new navigation system NO-70M with inertial system BINS-SP-1, ANS-2009M astronavigation system and navigation computer, navigation radar DISS-021-70, space navigation receiver A737DP, autopilot ABS-200MT, communication system S-505-70, state recognition system BKR-70M and airborne defense complex “Redoubt-70M”. Information about new systems and devices taken from open sources, therefore, ultimately the equipment installed on the aircraft may differ from the above.

Besides, the plane will receive new engines NK-32-02 (series 2) and new missile weapons.

Modernization will increase by 1 thousand km strategic range, as well as the overall effectiveness of the missile carrier in the performance of combat missions as intended.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense published on the web a video of the first flight of the first prototype of the deeply modernized Tu-160M ​​missile carrier. Flight took place 2 February this year,, the plane took off from the airport of the Kazan aircraft plant and held in the air 34 minutes.

This sample Tu-160M ​​received all the improvements, except new engines, to be installed on it later.

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