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Manturov called the timing of the completion of state tests "Almaty was" and "Kurgan"

Manturov called the timing of the completion of state tests «dream» and «Kurgantsy»
Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov called terms of completion of the newest armor tests for the Armed Forces.

State tests of the latest military vehicles “Kurganets-25” and “Boomerang” will be completed no earlier than 2022 of the year.

According to him, Continuous delivery of the latest armored vehicles to the armed forces will begin only after the decision of the Ministry of Defense. Military department itself will determine the need for armored vehicles and the timing of deliveries, but it will happen no earlier 2022 of the year, as it is planned for this year ending state tests “boomerang” and “Kurgantsy”.

Terms of delivery of equipment to the Army will determine the Russian Defense Ministry, when the results will be carried out by state tests. Pre can say, that the tests “Kurganets-25” and “boomerang” be completed in 2022 year

In the same time, added Manturov, State tests of the newest of the tank on the platform “Armani” You should be completed this year. Delivery time series of tanks will also be determined by the Ministry of Defense.

State tests of the tank “Armani” scheduled to be completed as early as 2020 year. According to the test results of the Russian Defense Ministry will determine the time of delivery commercially available technology in military units
– said Minister.

Manturov stressed, that the state tests and the beginning of the end of the serial supplies “dream” the troops in 2020 Stout was especially symbolic, because this year celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Russian tank production.

AT 1920 year came to test the first Soviet tank “A fighter for the freedom of comrade. Lenin”. Particularly symbolic anniversary celebration this year, when tests are completed “dream” – great-grandson of the first Soviet tank
– he told the.

Recall, that preliminary tests of T-14 tanks and infantry fighting vehicle T-15 platform “Armani” have been completed.

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