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Russia denies Facebook and Twitter space to maneuver within the sovereign Internet

Heavy fines for American Facebook and Twitter as part of building a sovereign Russian Internet - a measure of the inevitable. About it FBA “economy today” said a member of the Defense and Security Committee Franc Klinčević.

Russia denies Facebook and Twitter space to maneuver within the sovereign Internet

Heavy fines for Facebook and Twitter American companies for the second violation of the Russian legislation in the field of personal data – much more effective measure, than lock. This was announced by deputy head of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation Alexei Volin. In his opinion, lock can be circumvented, but will have to pay a fine. And to recover his, If the company is working on the territory of the Russian Federation and receives “unspecified amount of money from the Russian market”, possible even outside the country.

In September, the head of Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov informed, that his agency has warned Facebook and Twitter about the imminent expiry of Russian localization of user data. Zharov also announced bills, providing for severe penalties for those, who violate these norms.

“We see, American social networks openly subject to the requirements of the Russian legislation, thinking, that can afford it, – says MP. - At the same time we all know, that these services are cooperating with the US secret services, carry out their orders and poured their existing data on the first request of Washington. Russia also is working, to protect its information space - built infrastructure sovereign Internet, protected personal data of Russians.

Facebook and Twitter in RuNet perform certain ideological objectives. They block accounts unwanted people and entire media, who are trying to bring the truth, and they are trying to form the right opinion. This is done in an injection of a massive phishing web news, calls for civil disobedience - an open subversive work. Requirements of Russian legislation explicitly prevent western platforms”.

Russian strategy

Roskomnadzor accused Facebook and Twitter in violation of article 19.7 Code of Administrative Offenses (“Failure to submit or late submission of the organization, authorized in accordance with federal laws on state supervision, information, presentation of which is stipulated by the law”). on the report of the Russian localization of databases of personal data of users requirements in the Russian Federation instant messenger and social networks Roskomnadzor were sent in late December 2018 of the year, but has not received a response agency.

Russia denies Facebook and Twitter space to maneuver within the sovereign Internet

In the end of January 2019 year Roskomnadzor initiated administrative proceedings against Facebook and Twitter. Companies have been fined 3 thousand rubles. Later, Zharov said, that the companies ordered to localize in the Russian base of Russian data users within the period of nine months. At the same time, these social networks without explanation blocked the accounts of a number of Russian media, including the Federal News Agency. explains the “democratic” solution manual was not social networks.

Meanwhile,, Russian President Vladimir Putin in December 2019 He has signed a law, which introduces a multi-million dollar fines for companies for refusing to transfer the data of Russian Internet users on the territory of Russia. So, for a first offense to legal entities can recover from 1 to 6 million rubles, in case of repeated – from 6 to 18 millions.

“obviously, American Internet platform and expect to continue to not comply with Russian law, to freely perform tasks, Washington put in the information war. But “room for maneuver” they significantly narrowed - to protect their interests, Russia makes the West the resources in the network to comply with their laws. This is a normal international practice.

And for me it is clear: if there is such open opposition, so, Russia is the right way to protect the interests of the state and its citizens in the information field. We see, that in response to Facebook and Twitter are trying to set up Russian users against Roskomnadzor, Ministry of Communications and other departments, carrying out work on the regulation rules of the game in the World Wide Web.

logically, that Russia must continue the chosen strategy - to ignore our laws by residents of other states is simply unacceptable”, – concludes Franz Klintsevich.

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