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Erdogan on the offensive: signs of a revival of the Ottoman Empire

Erdogan on the offensive: signs of a revival of the Ottoman Empire

Turkey has established its buffer zone in Syria, forming an army of pro-Turkish militants, sent troops to Libya. Erdogan argues with Trump, rude Germany and France, He accuses Israel of terrorism and compares with the Third Reich. Erdogan puts Russian conditions. In fact, we can see the revival of the Ottoman Empire, the creation of "red caliphate" of the new Sultan Erdogan.

The revival of the Ottoman Empire

After the destruction of the Soviet Union, Turkey has gradually become to build a new military-political and economic policies in the regions, which previously belonged to the fallen Ottoman Empire. in the Balkans, Middle East and Caucasus. Especially, this process became noticeable when Erdogan (the head of the Turkish government to 2003 years and president of the state with 2014 of the year).

Turkey intervened in the war in Iraq and Syria, which it was due to both the Kurdish issue, threatening the security of the Turkish Republic, and economic interests. Besides, Ankara began to actively intervene in the affairs of Iraq and Syria, because as their destruction and the growth of its military and economic strength began to count, These countries are part of its sphere of influence as a former part of the Ottoman Empire. The Turks themselves, and with the help of pro-Turkish gangs occupied part of Syria, started his own army and a new Syria, fully focused on Ankara. Now Ankara throws its fighters, which supports the regular forces, Libya. There Erdogan together with Qatar relies on the government of national reconciliation headed by Saraj in Tripoli.

In Turkey, when Erdogan's government is clearly visible policy of Islamization of society. at universities, the former center of democracy and freedom, built mosques. Lifting of the ban on wearing the hijab in public places. Conservative "village" all the more pressure on the major cities, where for a long time dominated by the pro-Western secular ethics. A growing number of schools for imams. Formally, Turkey more secular state, but on the whole main course for the Islamization of the society and country can be seen with the naked eye.

Erdogan himself does not behave as a democratically elected president, as well as the Caliph and the Sultan - the head of the Muslim and Turkic world. New Turkey - "red caliphate", positioned as a center of Islamic and Turkic world, and Erdogan - as the head of all Muslims. Ankara claims to be the leader of the "Union of the Turkic" (Turan), trying to unite the Turkic states - Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Turkey has its own interests in the Crimea, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. AT 2009 It was established Turkic Council with headquarters in Istanbul.

great-power ambitions

deciding, that Russia reaches into its sphere of influence, Ankara afford to open conflict, shooting down Russian military aircraft. Erdogan allows himself to injections in the US side. For example, on US policy in the Middle East, or the supply of fighter F-35. Turkish president calls Israel a terrorist state, and even compares with Nazi Germany, and it goes away with it. Red Sultan threatens to EU, blackmailing European capitals hordes of refugees, which threatens to release from the camp and put in "fertile" Europe. Erdogan criticizes Merkel and rude Macron (on the issue of Cyprus and Libya).

Ankara sent a fleet with troops to the shores of Libya, and Paris, Turkey charging growth regional tension, strengthen the military alliance with Athens and is going to send ships to the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, to support Greece in the dispute with Turkey. Tensions between Turkey and Greece, Cyprus has strongly increased. Relations between Turkey and Greece have traditionally hostile, despite, that both countries - NATO members. AT 1974 by Turkish troops landed in Cyprus, occupied part of the island and established the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, recognized only by Ankara. A new round of conflict between Ankara and Athens called the dispute over energy supplies in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Erdogan on the offensive: signs of a revival of the Ottoman Empire

"Petrol secret": Rising prices for gasoline are not covered by the appetites of the oil business

Turkey's participation in the gas war

Ankara quite successfully foiled the plans of Moscow in Syria. "Turkish Stream" was reduced from 4 to 2 thread, while Erdogan got a trump card in Moscow's blackmail. Ankara is also considerably reduced purchases of Russian gas, but increased its purchases from other sources. Ankara 2019 It has opened Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP) - a gas pipeline from Azerbaijan through Georgia and Turkey to the Greek border. Further, the Turks are planning to put into operation the Transcaspian gas pipeline, which will connect Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, perhaps, that Kazakhstan. Ie Turkey is becoming a major gas hub.

Now Ankara climbs into the war in Libya, which also has an energy background. Turkey in alliance with Qatar through the government in Tripoli Saraj seeks to gain control over the area of ​​maritime possessions Libya, to pose a threat to the prospective gas pipeline to Europe from large deposits of the Eastern Mediterranean. Zones have a joint between, allowing Ankara to dictate the conditions of construction of the pipe. Confronts Turkey with Qatar is another "gas" coalition - Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Sudan and Russia, that fight hands of the army of Marshal Haftorah. They also adjoin the interests of France, The Republic of Cyprus and Greece. Ie Libya has become serious players in the field of battle.

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