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Offshore trawler 'Yakov Bala "project 12700 launched in St. Petersburg

Offshore trawler «Yakov Bala» project 12700 launched in St. Petersburg
The fourth sea trawler project 12700 code “Alexandrite” “Yakov Belyaev” launched in St. Petersburg. The solemn ceremony was held at the Mid-Nevsky Shipyard. It is reported by the press service of the enterprise.

Offshore trawler “Yakov Bala” – fourth serial (fifth in a row) ship, which was laid on the stocks of the plant, however, due to a fire on the first serial minesweeper “George Kurbatov”, “Yakov Bala” became the fourth mine defense ship in the project line 12700 “Alexandrite”. По планам судостроителей передача корабля в состав ВМФ пройдет летом этого года. Место службы нового тральщика не сообщается, but it is assumed, что он уйдет на Тихоокеанский флот.

The lead ship of the series “Alexander Obukhov” передан в состав ВМФ в 2016 year. At the end 2018 года предприятие передало заказчику второй (first production) корабль проекта 12700 – minesweeper “Ivan Antonov”. December 2019 года в состав ВМФ РФ вошёл третий корабль серии “Vladimir Yemelyanov”.

В настоящее время в эллингах Средне-Невского ССЗ в разной степени готовности находятся еще три корпуса проекта 12700 – корабли “George Kurbatov”, “Пётр Ильичёв” and “Anatoly helmets”.

minesweepers project 12700 are able to apply the latest hydroacoustic stations, placed both on the ship, and the remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles, and have an automated control system of mine action activities. Able to use the traditional sweeping arms. ships series “Alexandrite” have a unique body of reinforced fiberglass, formed by vacuum infusion.

По государственной программе вооружений в период 2018-2027 years, Russian Navy plans to receive 10 latest minesweepers Project 12700 “Alexandrite”.

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