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Sherin Duma deputy responded to the demands of reparations Kaczynski for Poland

Sherin Duma deputy responded to the demands of reparations Kaczynski for Poland

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Deputy of the Polish Sejm and the leader of the ruling party "Law and Justice", said the need to recover from the Russian reparations. He considers, that the Soviet Union on a par with Nazi Germany is responsible for the damage in Poland during the Second World War damage. These claims are absolutely groundless and, Furthermore, disgusting, said the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Sherin Alexander. In an interview Federal News Agency he declared, that particularly disgusting to the Polish policy that gives, what they say in the 75-th anniversary of Victory.

"If we talk about replenishing damage, the Russian Federation, as the legal successor of the Soviet Union, It has every right to a refund, which were spent on the liberation and restoration of Poland after the Nazi occupation. As for the half a million lives, Red Army soldiers who paid for this country, they do us no one will be able to return ", - the interlocutor said FAN.

According to him, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, making such statements, only further humiliates himself and his country. However, neither the moral, no legal basis for the payment of reparations to the Poles of our country is not.

"Poland is currently occupied by US troops, - said the parliamentarian. - It is literally crammed with US military bases. And so, peeking out from behind his master, uncle Sam, Kaczynski something there yapping on Russia ".

Sherin Duma deputy responded to the demands of reparations Kaczynski for Poland

According to the deputy, This attack proves once again, that all politics, which was carried out Catherine II in relation to Poland, It was correct (It refers to the section of the Commonwealth).

"And if you turn another such opportunity, then it should definitely use, - said Shereen. - I regret only one thing - that, that we have withdrawn their troops from the territory of that State. That in any case it was impossible to do, because immediately afterwards to take their place at the invitation of the Polish leadership came to the US Army! I can only conclude, that this country simply do not need independence ".

Interlocutor FAN remembered historical fact: during the war, after the escape of prisoners of concentration camp "Sobibor" on the territory of Poland, the local population actively participated in the capture of the fugitives, passing them off as fascists.

"So I have to this state and its people have long formed a definite opinion, and that there would Kaczynski said, worse, it has not become. He's just a typical representative of his nation, no more, no less", - summed Shereen.

Author: Vladimir Lermontov

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