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Top news 25 January

Top news 25 January

Federal News Agency publishes review of main events Saturday, 25 January.

Experts and political scientists believe, that Russia may respond rapidly to the emergence of the US aircraft on the Norwegian island of Jan Mayen. NRK announced a major Russian response to US provocation on the Norwegian island of Jan Mayen.

On Moskovsky Prospect in Voronezh has been a serious accident - once faced three foreign cars. The accident killed 4 man. Four people died in the accident in Voronezh.

Tina Kandelaki thinks, that after the incident with the key chapter of Chuvashia Michael Ignatieff will face serious consequences. Kandelaki appreciated the "joke" of the head of Chuvashia with fire.

Russia, as Germany, Poland is obliged to pay compensation for damage in World War II, said Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Kaczynski demanded that the Russian Poland to pay compensation for the damage during the war.

The actor called on the series counterparts disease it a personal matter. Actor Dyatlov called lethal diagnosis stars "Ambulance" Volkova her personal affair.

Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky called Chinese coronavirus US provocation. Zhirinovsky called Chinese coronavirus US provocation.

The Russians called the journalist to look at other countries. Residents of Russia Posner responded to the words of the "ugly" in the country.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was taken out of yourself with questions of journalist Mary Louise Kelly, which she asked him about Ukraine. Political scientist explained Bredikhin, why US citizens do not perceive Ukraine as a country.

Vladimir Soloviev commented on the statement of Vladimir Pozner of Russia, in which "many ugly". Nightingales responded to Posner's refusal to make a film about the "ugly" Russia.

Tatiana's Day in the folk tradition - a celebration of all women, regardless of the name, they are. Tatyana's Day - History, traditions and signs, Don'ts 25 January, time students.

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