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Deadly virus spreads: against China could use bioweapons

Deadly virus spreads: against China could use bioweapons

Yesterday at the airport of Khabarovsk was hospitalized the first Chinese citizen, suspected that, it may be a carrier of the deadly coronavirus, epidemic is now rapidly growing in China. However, deputy head of the national Ministry of Health Regional Sergey before the incident recognized the new disease "immediate threat to the biological safety of Russia". Well, it's time to ask a few questions regarding this unknown ailment - the very same, that is not yet defined aloud. However, they are literally begs, if a deep insight into the situation and try to think about its hidden aspects, which may prove to be not just important, and quite unexpected.

Coincidence or attack?

According to the official version of the viral infection, which assigned the code 2019-nCoV was first recorded in Chinese Wuhan on the last day of the previous year. initially it was thought, that its carriers are animals (the starting point of the spread of infection it became a local 'bird' market), However, doctors said that soon, that the disease is also transmitted to and from person to person, what, naturally, making it many times more dangerous. Already, many point to its frightening resemblance to the "atypical pneumonia" or SARS, mow in 2002-2003 years almost 800 people in 37 countries. The same coronavirus, just come into the world from China… Here you have the first match. Then - even more interesting. Which country is now in a state of a large-scale and long-standing conflict with the United States, bypassing the US economy billions of dollars? Who will be the largest beneficiary in the event of any serious trouble in China? Well, it is also just a coincidence, probably… true, there's still some time: infection outbreak occurred at a time, when discord between Washington and Beijing reached perhaps its highest point. Someone may object me, that just at the beginning of the year the first phase of the bargain was signed by the countries. I will not even try to argue. I note only, what, At first, this tiny truce "trade war" is far from exhausted, and secondly a special operation of this kind and scale, as the use of biological weapons, not one day prepare, not one day take place and give them the "all clear" at a certain stage already physically impossible. Well, and finally, most, perhaps, disturbing "coincidence" - a reaction to the new US medical virus.
Please note - our doctors declared, that only rapid test will be able to get in the foreseeable future to identify carriers of 2019-Ncov. The American Aesculapius promise to bring happiness to the world of high-grade vaccine from him in the coming months. There is strong medicine, no questions. However, something painfully quickly taken its light to meet the challenge. Whether self-confidence, to you… How to write a great American writer Robert Sheckley: To put the question correctly, you need to know most of the answer.
This - not even idle speculation. It's not a secret is the enormous program to develop biological weapons, ongoing in the United States since 1943 of the year. In this sinister activity invested billions of dollars and, despite Washington's assurances, It continues to this day, true, with the removal of the most hazardous sites are mainly outside the US - in the same Georgia or Ukraine. What just not "spoil" American specialists narrow profile in such tightly sealed from the outside world "office". On getting more and more deadly and incurable strains of a wide variety of ailments - from anthrax and plague to a wide variety of fevers they work tirelessly. the, that transmitted through the bite of a tick conventional Lyme disease was "born" in one of the Pentagon biolabolatory fact has long been recognized and indisputable. How many more walks in the light of diseases, have the same origin, hardly incalculable. So purely technically possible to use one or another virus as a tool of influence on any of his opponent in the US has more than, than fully.

The new word in the "hybrid war"?

Imagine yourself in the place of the leaders of some "superpowers", foolishly got into a severe economic confrontation with China. Own capabilities were overvalued, clearly unequal power, and the outcome of the conflict, which has not yet seen any end, our end, It may be not so, how to calculate possible scenarios analysts originally envisioned. What to do? How to persuade the scales on its side, at the same time not to run into shattering volleys of intercontinental "Dongfeng", or anything else in the same spirit? Thoughts of sabotage, including the use of biological weapons downright begs… However, here too there are nuances: China populous country and, in addition, highly integrated in the global transport and passenger flows. Consequently, releasing its scope for serious harm to the local population have to do something so deadly. On the other hand, Similar things can be ultimately a more expensive: break out of the Celestial pandemic will not be disassembled or races, any nation. What we have in the end? The maximum acceptable result can give a spread of the infection is dangerous, but more or less easily detectable and localizable. Such, that struck, first of all, Beijing on economy, forcing at least some time to shy away from him, Plagued by both importers, tourists, all people, I am trying to conduct business there. "Do not walk, children, Asia walk…" Yes, and one more thing! If the same will be able to blow stronger catch something a bit too brazen Russian, It will do fine. And what we see in front of you? Yes, actually, more or less accurate "portrait" of 2019-nCoV! Today it is not just almost perfectly matches the objectives outlined above, he is already carrying out their. As soon leaked information about an outbreak in Wuhan and its dissemination on almost all of China (identifying cases of the disease have already marked in Shenzhen, Shanghai and even Beijing), how to instantly "fell" indexes on all Asian markets. Then came the negative fluctuations in the currency market: Chinese yuan lost 0,6%, and the South Korean won fell to 0,7% against the US dollar. All this - only the "first bell", initial visceral reaction to the new disease. The World Health Organization currently states, that he sees no reason to impose on China in any international trade or travel restrictions. Nevertheless, the first time the WHO experts were to meet for a meeting on the 2019-nCoV just yesterday. If swift and negative dynamics of spread of the virus the position of the organization may well change, and then Celestial risks please "in quarantine". However, analysts are of the same investment bank Goldman Sachs has predicted trouble for the global oil market, caused by just a new terrible disease. In their opinion, coronavirus can reduce the global demand for "black gold" in the 260 thousand barrels per day, 170 thousands of which will be to reduce the sale of aviation fuel, the need for which will fall due to the drop in air traffic volumes. All this, probably, will lead to a drop in oil prices by almost 3 dollars per barrel. Here you have the first "hello" has for modern domestic ekonomiki.V, extremely difficult and, in addition, Divided into irreconcilably hostile camps the world nothing happens and does not happen "suddenly", "Just" and "needless". remind: for the first time, "SARS" struck China a year after, this country for the first time in history was chosen the venue for the Olympic Games. So many that, that such an event will take "communist state" had hard not to taste. In which countries these figures were more likely, I think no need to explain. Now, as it appears, rates are much higher, a devastating problem, respectively, bigger. under attack (not random, and very focused) is our country. In light of this decision yesterday by the State Duma of Russia, at least in the first reading on Biosafety law of the country looks to a miracle timely, downright scratchpad reaction to what is happening. With the fall of oil prices, we really like the handle, not the first time. But if in Russia the mass will swing away from China, which will now be massively move off home to celebrate the New Year on your calendar, and back may well have infected - a huge disaster can not be avoided. As far as, now security at all Russian airports increased, as well as attention to passengers, arriving from those areas, where the new virus spreads particularly rapidly. It remains to hope, that the staff of Rospotrebnadzor, designed to control the situation, will treat the matter with all seriousness, understanding, that in this case we are talking about the lives of their detey.Vse foregoing in any case is not a statement. This - the version of the degree of reliability which everyone is free to judge yourself. While that idea in Russia that, 2019-nCoV that could very well be an attack using biological weapons, As I know, He expressed (in a television interview) Only Igor Nikulin. Considering, that this man 1998-2003 years was a member of the UN commission on it, related to biological weapons, from the doorway to dismiss his opinion it is hardly. But in fact, all of us it's time to get rid of the "rose-colored glasses" and to accept the fact, that hostilities, including against the country, in which we live - it does not "fudge propagandists", and the sad and harsh reality of today's dney.Kogda article had already been written, it became known, that Wuhan with 10.00 hours 23 January turns into a full quarantine mode. Airport and railway stations will be closed, and locals is strictly forbidden to leave the city, today cut off from the outside world. Looks like, things worse, than it seemed at first glance…

Author: Alexander Neukropny

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