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Indexation of pensions 2020 year. Infographics FAN

Indexation of pensions 2020 year. Infographics FAN

Federal News Agency says, whom, how and when to raise pensions 2020 year.

In the coming 2020 by Russians pensions will be increased. But the indexing will take place in several stages and will affect not all at once.

FROM 1 January 2020 year increase of pension of non-citizens. They will index on 6,5 percent. The average increase will amount to one thousand rubles. Because of this the average size of pension in Russia will 15375,86 rubles instead of the current 14614,5 rubles.

FROM 1 on February 3,8 percent will be indexed monthly monetary payment (EDI), which is obtained by including people with disabilities, veterans, Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, as well as the cost of a set of social services.

FROM 1 April 2020 year increase and social pensions, are assigned to citizens, No typing for insurance pensions required number of pension points. Social pensions are expected to be indexed by seven percent. Because of this the average social pension in Russia will 9925,35 rubles.

Finally, pensions of working pensioners will be recalculated 1 August 2020 of the year. Their increase is directly dependent on the amount of insurance premiums, for which working pensioner transferred to the Pension Fund of Russia employer. We are talking about an annual period.

About, that still awaits Russian pensioners 2020 year, read the material FAN. How would raise salaries and pensions of military, can be found here.

Indexation of pensions 2020 year. Infographics FAN

Author: Marina Stepanova

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