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experts explained, when Minsk can get Russian domestic energy prices

energy industry experts explained ABF "Economics today», when and under what conditions, Minsk will receive Russian domestic energy prices.

experts explained, when Minsk can get Russian domestic energy prices

Minsk and Moscow have agreed conceptually

agreement, reached Minsk and Moscow, It is preliminary, specify the experts. To date, the fuel supply volume determined Belarus side - about 20 bcm and 25 million tons. resource prices are not yet set, but it is assumed, that they will remain at the level of the outgoing year.

"The issue of gas supply volume fully settled, as now in Russia there are no problems with the implementation of natural resource. But the problem may be on the Belarusian side of the reduction in gas consumption up 4 bcm after entering two NPP. In this case, a strong jump in the price of supply is not expected ", - said the head of the expert-analytical department of the Institute of Energy Energy Strategy Alex Belogoryev.

Belarus consumes about 20 bcm, power grid consumption - 10 billion. Belarusian nuclear power plant with two VVER-1200 reactors with total capacity 2400 MW under construction in Ostrovets, it fully complies with international standards and recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Safety.

experts explained, when Minsk can get Russian domestic energy prices

"I think, Belarus and Russia will soon reach the finals and identify with the other terms and conditions. Preferential prices for gas were originally part of a package of economic integration and will remain as such ", - assured the Deputy Director General for the gas problem of the National Energy Security Fund Alex Grivach.

For, Belarusian side to obtain domestic prices, experts believe, you need to create a full-fledged common economic space.

"Over the last month in this direction was made longer, than in the previous few years ", - said Alexey Grivach.

However, after the meeting of the heads of the two states were some of the contradictions and vagueness. The parties have themes, to be discussed carefully, before coming to a final agreement on integration.

"Not until the end of the questions of tax policy, namely, no decision on the extension of subsidies and its size ", - says Alexey Belogoryev.

The agreement with great prospects

The presidents of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko has entered a new phase of negotiations on the integration plan in the time of the meeting in St. Petersburg. the compensation scheme had been agreed before the conversation for Belarusian oil refineries. Russia in 2019 , the beginning of the tax maneuver, which is the gradual zeroing of export duties on oil. The Belarusian side has estimated the losses from his 2019-2024 years about 11 billion.

Earlier, in view of benefits acquired Russian oil Minsk for about 75% from the world. Such cost provided favorable conditions for Belarusian oil refineries and bring profit to the state budget.

"The breakthrough occurs during the last months, and it is connected with the integration of, provoked migration processes. Russia is ready to continue to subsidize the Belarusian economy with a gradual reduction, but only in the absence of conflict ", - explained Alexey Belogoryev.

experts explained, when Minsk can get Russian domestic energy prices

experts predict, that the state will take a course on closer economic cooperation and consider the possibility of creating a single tax and civil codes, partial consolidation of the banking supervision system, introduction of a uniform foreign trade regime, common rules in the customs and energy sectors. Today finalized in agriculture matters, communication, regulation of the alcohol market.

"There comes a moment of truth in Russian-Belarusian relations. One side, in these respects a lot of unknown, and on the other - clearly drawn political history. integration processes between Russia and Belarus will undoubtedly be strengthened. I boldly guess, it is possible to merge into one state. This will be one of the big events of the presidency of Vladimir Putin ", - summed up the head of the special projects of the National Energy Security Fund Alexander Perov.

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