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Arsenal World: machine gun Shosha

Arsenal World: machine gun Shosha

We tell about one of the most unsuccessful machine guns of the First World war

It is considered, that manual chauchat system is one of the worst designs in its class, taking part in the hostilities of World War I. As he got to the front?

Despite a lot of claims to the given pattern, at the beginning of the war in all armies of the world there was an urgent need for it in the light machine guns.

The basis of the design of the French machine gun rifle lay previously developed, and already from it was made assault rifle. Originally it was intended for attacking fighters. But the situation on the fronts are increasingly forced to be in the trenches, where the design features of arms leads to its frequent breakdowns due to store pollution.

However, light machine guns and Shosha had a significant advantage — Its simple design allows you to quickly saturate the troops with automatic weapons. The same conclusion was reached by the Americans, placed an order for the French machine guns under their original cartridge. Is a new form of store design Shosha made more successful, - talk about this in our new video.

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