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Top news 11 December

Top news 11 December

Federal News Agency publishes a review of the main events of the environment, 11 December.

Merkel called Putin's "winner" at the summit in Paris. The Federation Council explained, why Putin was the winner at the summit in Paris.

An explosive device detonated in a car near a convoy of NATO in Afghanistan. The car exploded near a convoy of NATO in Afghanistan.

Assumption criticized Vine, who breeds "dirt", Expressing, that the artist supposedly supports the conflict in Ukraine. Assumption on the background of the scandal with Rotaru said the charges of sponsoring Vine APU.

A wide range of neurological and psychiatric disorders, including seizures, Alzheimer's disease, severe depression and autistic disorder, associated with bad working glutamate receptors in the brain - Ampara. Biologists have found the source of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

German Chancellor recognized Putin's winner at the recent Paris Summit "Normandy format". Merkel called Putin the winner of the summit "Normandy format".

After talks with Russian Foreign Minister Trump joked at a press conference about the sanctions and impeachment. Lavrov joked in Washington about the impeachment and sanctions.

Russian company "Gazprom" in disputes with the Ukrainian "Naftogaz" has not used a few "non-standard trumps". The head of "Naftogaz" stated that the presence of "non-standard trumps" from "Gazprom".

Russia's Investigative Committee announced the completion of the investigation of the attack on the house of the head case CEC Ella Pamfilova. SC said the completion of the investigation into the attack on Pamfilova.

Konstantin Tszyu backed boxers to challenge the decision of WADA neutral flag for the Russian national team in international competitions. Jeou spoke on the refusal of boxers to perform at the Olympics without Russian flag.

TNT for the first time on Russian TV series will show the "public servants" with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky starring. The series "The servant of the people" with Zelensky first show on Russian TV.

Author: Catherine Myhaylydy

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