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WADA: Doping test for engagement - positive

WADA: doping a sample of angazhirovannosty – positive

International Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Russia has suspended participation in international competitions. Tolerance will only get athletes, managed to convince the agency officials in their "purity". In this act, they will be under a neutral flag. It is obvious, so that the pro-Western organization has decided to specify the Russian "in its place", following the popular trend and the global agenda.

sport, and especially the Olympics have historically been considered apolitical, More recently, however, this principle cleared, like ashes. WADA suspended the entire Russian team, allegedly based on stolen doping samples ex-head of Moscow's anti-doping laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkova. Have you ever heard in your life, that the prosecution was based on the basis of "exported secretly copies"? sounds, least, not too formal. It is also not very convincing testimony of the main witness - the very Rodchenkova, because in conjunction with the stolen specimens he actually could not say anything else. Besides, a long time he was himself a member of this "scheme".

Equally questionable evidence base suggests the idea, WADA that the motive could be a political engagement. You do not need a long time to dig, interested parties to find the obvious non-admission of Russia to the world starts.

At first, is US. Namely, the local Anti-Doping Agency - USADA. These guys are the main sponsors of the World Organization, while they themselves are financed from the state budget. That was the main initiator of the USADA investigation concerning Russia. curious, that the American agency investments in the world has increased significantly after the Russian athletes success in Olmpiade 2014, held at Sochi. Coincidence? Well, of course.

It should pay attention to politics and double standards of the WADA. The rules of the organization, there is one very blurred and versatile item, allowing the reception of almost any drug. It is called "the reception of therapeutic indications". That is, an athlete, supposedly proved, that it must be banned substance for medical purposes, It has every right to take it. It was so long time the team won the disabled asthmatic Norwegian cross-country skiing and biathlon.

In the US, the situation is too depressing, in fact for the national team also supports a lot of people, which require different substances, to "not hurt", and win. for example, one of the best tennis players in the world Sirena Williams has long been achieved WADA permission for reception zapreschenki. She recognized the queen of the court, having unprecedented power for women's sports. In her collection of awards there is also an Olympic gold medal, and the prestigious title of a commercial competition. in short, it is - a legend, but she was deeply hurt, if you believe the "therapeutic indications".

Sprinter Christian Coleman somehow ignored the request three times to pass a drug test, but for it not received any disqualification, nor any other restrictions, contrary to regulations.

American basketball player Elena Delle Donne in 2014 she received from the WADA-carte blanche to medication, containing amphetamine and hydrocortisone. The result - a gold in Rio. Well done. The list goes on, but the trend is already apparent. Before the law all are equal, You just show your passport.

As for the total defeat of our reputation of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency RUSADA, then clearer lead figures. so, our local sporting supervisory authority uchinyaet on average 159 investigations, leading to some sanctions against the athlete. Indicator USADA - 29 in year. Evaluating the effectiveness of the agency by the ratio of the fence / identification of a positive result, it is in Russia 5,5 times higher. I.e, least, it can `t be denied, that the work goes. However RUSADA also get banned from the World Agency. Samples are taken in Russia almost with the permission of the FSB. lack of evidentiary support, but scary.

Once again we see, that Russia treated unfairly and dishonestly in comparison with the rest of the world. Furthermore, hacker group 2018 He has published the correspondence of members of WADA, where they discussed the work of an "independent" commission McLaren, coupled with the power structures of the United States. They do not even have to deny these connections. And if you remember the talk prankerov (I can not stand), eg, with the head of USADA Treves Tygart, Just saying: "This policy, son", and did feel uneasy.

obviously, that Russia tries to exert political pressure, using all possible tools. A great deal of them. it seems, that we are struggling with the world, and we alone are constantly priori in the status of "guilty", over and over again trying to prove the opposite. But the whole civilized world lives according to the laws of the opposite.

Presumably, when Russia will take responsibility for the collapse of the Malaysian "Boeing", for the war in the Donbas, for global warming, for AIDS and everything else, pressure, may be, will weaken. But it would be for the country? Someone from the great said: "Most often, the majority errs, because most of the people - idiots ". Topically and very sad.

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