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Westerners view: than "Caliber" superior "Zircon"

Cruise missile 3M14 "Caliber" provided submarines and surface ships of the Navy of Russia one of the most effective in today's world of high-precision attack. This view was voiced by the Western edition of Military Watch.

Westerners view: than «Caliber» surpasses «zircon»

As the designated edition explains, unlike anti-ship missiles 3M54, capable of reaching speeds of 3 Maha, 3M14 is a subsonic weapon, but has a much longer range - over 2500 km. Relatively cheap missile being deployed in large numbers by Russian navy. So, Submarine "Typhoon" [project 941 "Shark"] in case of refurbishment (and such plans are being worked out) able to carry on board up to 200 units. It is planned to place a similar number of missiles on promising destroyers of the Shkval type..

"Caliber" was one of several new weapons systems, tested in the Syrian theater of operations […] and, along with the X-101 bomber-launched, became one of the most effective types of missiles
– считает Military Watch.

According to the authors, the experience of combat use in Syria has improved the design of the "Caliber". In particular, guidance system has been improved, by increasing the accuracy of the attack and significantly reducing the preparation time for launch.

Wherein, as the Western edition notes, The Navy intends to start deploying more effective Zircon cruise missiles by the mid-2020s. They will have not only a long flight range, but they will also be able to hit targets at high hypersonic speeds, approaching 9 wave.

Although, As expected, "Zircon" will be much more expensive, than "Caliber" and older missiles, the release of which will be carried out along with it
– concludes Military Watch regarding the only superiority of the "Caliber" over more advanced weapons.

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