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Video: Volkssturm weapons

Video: Volkssturm weapons

We consider the types of small arms of the militia of the Third Reich

Germany at the end of World War II, having lost a huge amount of weapons after the disasters of the 44th year, announced the organization of volkssturm — German militia. The purpose of the Volkssturm detachments was to repel the enemy offensive on the territory of the country. of course, for this it was necessary to arm a huge number of Volkssturm soldiers — order 6 million people.

Not surprising, that in a critical situation, industry could not fully cope with the task in a short time, therefore, mainly during this period only simplified samples of small arms were produced. Also, a large number of captured units were used..

In this video we show such famous examples of that period as:

  • carbine Volkssturmkarabiner VK-98;
  • submachine gun MP-3008;
  • submachine gun MP 41(r);
  • Volkssturmgewehr self-loading carbines 1-5 и Volkssturmgewehr VG 1.

It should be noted, that all volkssturm weapons are quite rare, because, due to the low quality of manufacture, it did not constitute much interest and was often ruthlessly destroyed.

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