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The new Socialist Revolution in Russia. Reality or Fiction?

The new Socialist Revolution in Russia. Reality or Fiction?

Voluminous revolutionaries today want to return the deceased almost 30 years ago the USSR, because in their fabulous socialist country everything was for ordinary people, not for capitalists, who now own the plants, yachts and billions of dollars.

Under which slogan will they try to unite people to protest today?

Under the mossy slogan 100 summer prescription, implicated in the envy of the poor to the rich: In a socialist country there will be no rich!

The revolutionaries again promise to take everything from the rich and share the good of the capitalists.

That's just about to take away from the current billionaires voluminous revolutionaries? Billions of dollars? So they are in western banks. Who will give them to you??

Billionaires, like their predecessors, the bourgeois in the 17th year of the last century will simply leave after your revolution to the West, closer to your accounts. They will be fine with their billions, but the revolutionaries and the people will not get a penny.

Billionaires will take away voluminous yachts? From the ports of Western countries?)))

The only thing, what can be taken from current billionaires is their plants. This is the main asset of Russian billionaires, the estimated size of which is reflected in the Forbes list.

But I have a natural question:

If revolutionaries privatize all enterprises, then who will manage them? Red directors again?

Well, they already managed factories in the USSR, and everyone knows the outcome of their management:

Total shortage of goods. Uncompetitiveness of Soviet goods in comparison with Western counterparts.

The goods were extremely poor quality, therefore, Soviet people stood in queues for hours, to buy imported goods, when they were thrown out in the store. Yes, and for many domestic goods had to get in multi-month queues, celebrate them at night, record a veteran relative, to get things you need at home.

Maybe the co-operatives have new managers, who will be able to competently manage the enterprises they have acquired no worse than Usmanov, who did not participate in predatory privatization, but he created his own business?

If you look among the current Communists managers, then you can immediately find one such friend – this is a strawberry oligarch Grudinin, the manager is not a modern enterprise, and the state farm named after Lenin, which he privatized.

Moreover, comrade Grudinin is not the most respectable citizen of our country, since participating in an election campaign for the presidency of Russia he had accounts abroad, that Russian law is strictly prohibited.

So why is he better than the same Usmanov?

Yes no better, he did not create anything, but the profits to the western accounts took away, unlike Usmanov, who transferred his accounts to Russia and re-registered his businesses to Russian jurisdiction.

In addition, not without the help of the same Usmanov, our rhythmic gymnastics team did not lose its leading role in the 90s. Russian national team coach Irina Vinner-Usmanova, if anyone does not know.

So who will vouch for the strawberry oligarch in, that he will no longer break the laws, adopted by the revolutionary parliament?

If only Comrade Zyuganov, who himself did not shy away from taking money from the oligarch Khodorkovsky, to lobby in the State Duma the interests of Yukos.)

Or the red governor of the Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko will vouch for Grudinin, who received an unsatisfactory rating from the president for actions to eliminate the effects of flooding in the region?

And not only bad work at his post “distinguished himself” Levchenko, but also by hunting the hibernating bear, at that moment, when hunting was banned. Another prominent member of the Communist Party violated Russian law.

So what do we get?

But it turns out an absolutely ugly picture with the most iconic communist communists. They do not penny the laws of the country, probably due to an outlived 30 years of habits of privilege. And at the same time they value their own pocket much more, than the pockets of ordinary citizens, times in parliament passed laws on tax cuts for Yukos, receiving a monetary reward from the oligarch Khodorkovsky for this.

Maybe a good manager will be a leader “Left front” Udaltsov?

But he never worked for creation., but only for destruction, for which he received money from foreign intelligence, and because of this I went to prison for several years.

Will the new socialist Platoshkin be able to manage production?

Go hysterical, branding Russian power, and engage in populism he is a master. However, the new leader of the revolution did not become famous for any creation for the benefit of the Russian State..

So maybe the numerous side-by-side journalists and bloggers will turn out to be competent managers?

But again, a bad choice turns out, since they are all humanities, and not at all production workers. The writing fraternity can order an article and they will write it perfectly, expose all the vices of the regime, however, they are unable to establish work in industry.

A question with new managers hangs in the air, as our revolutionaries simply do not have good specialists.

Singers of the revolution do not understand modern technology, they are not aware of production chains, have no experience in selling goods, marketing and logistics, so instead of profit, which was previously shared by shareholders of enterprises, they will receive one loss.

So where will the extra money come from, so that the Russian proletarians receive a higher salary than that, what the working class oppressors are paying now – capitalists?

Judging by the experience of red directors, revolutionaries will easily get out of this situation, they will just raise the price of goods, produced at these enterprises, to the detriment of other citizens, who will have to overpay, raise workers' wages, these goods producing.

Then what do we get?? The funds of most citizens simply flow into the pocket of a smaller part? And where is the fair redistribution of income? It turns out, that it is not the rich who will take away money to raise workers’s salaries, and doctors, teachers, cultural figures, for people working in the service sector, as it was in the Soviet Union, where the distribution of income went in favor of the proletarians. Back then, the average worker earned in 2 times the average physician.

However, such a reallocation of funds will be only one of the “fruit” new socialist revolution.

for 20 Putin years in Russia was built a mass of new enterprises by foreign investors. And what do you think, what will they do, when revolutionaries will rob Russian capitalists?

Correctly, they will flee from Russia with their machines and equipment. And if today import from the total GDP at PPP is only 7%, since now almost all goods are produced in our country, you will have to import those goods, that in Russia will no longer be produced.

The new Socialist Revolution in Russia. Reality or Fiction?

Well, if neokommi not amicably solve the problem with foreign investors, and rob them of the enterprise, then you imagine, what will happen?

Western countries recognize this as a raider seizure, since private property is inviolable for them, and immediately arrest all the assets of Russia abroad, will impose our country with new asphyxiation sanctions. And who will eventually feel good? Definitely not for our people, who already felt the consequences of the economic war on his own pocket, unleashed by the West against our country.

For example, there are hundreds of thousands of western enterprises in China, while the country is run by the communist party. So why didn't she decide to nationalize American businesses?, when Trump launched a trade war against China and arrested Huawei's CFO?

Because the Chinese comrades, unlike Russian side-by-side, understand perfectly, that in the case of a robbery of American industrialists, the country will pay very dearly for this.

All investors immediately flee from China with their money, Chinese assets abroad will be seized, trillion dollars, which China has invested in American treasuries, he will never return, and instead of trade duties, from which enterprises are now losing profit, exporting to the USA, full-fledged sanctions will be introduced and the PRC will be left without export money at all. Ordinary Chinese after such a suicidal policy of the leadership will be left without work, and therefore no salary, and again, as 40 years ago, will receive from the state only a bowl of rice a day, instead of today's comfortable life.

And since we're talking about China, then let's clarify, what system is now in the PRC? Is it socialist? Not at all. In China, state capitalism, as 40 years ago, the American capitalists began to transport their enterprises to the Chinese Communists, who provided jobs for the poor Chinese and opened their markets for the sale of goods. So it was the American capitalists who brought the Chinese economy to the 1st place in the world..

Whereas for the Chinese Communists, American and domestic capitalists are an economic locomotive, then for the new socialist country of our revolutionaries, that Russian, that Western capitalists – these are the oppressors of the proletariat, and therefore they will not fit into the new political system, and they will have to amicably part with foreign investors, so as not to plunge the country into economic disaster. But then many goods will have to be imported again..

And where will the revolutionaries take the currency to buy imported goods??

The answer to this question lies on the surface, one has only to remember the history of the late USSR, where the party nomenklatura very famously disposed of the bins of the Motherland, which Stalin filled.

The new Socialist Revolution in Russia. Reality or Fiction?

2 200 tons of gold, what Putin has postponed to this day, will have to spend on the purchase of imported goods, simply because they will no longer be produced in Russia.

The revolutionaries at this moment can object to me, that it is quite possible to direct currency from the export of Russian resources to imports.

but, where will this currency come from, if the hated head of Rosneft Sechin, the co-workers will change to conditional comrade Petrov, who will immediately expel British shareholders from the company, received shares of Rosneft in exchange for the oil company TNK-BP?

After such a robbery of British shareholders, the West will immediately impose sanctions on the sale of Russian oil, as already imposed them on Venezuelan and Iranian oil.

The Chinese comrades will not run to your aid at all, dropping slippers, voluminous revolutionaries, since they are already 5 years complies with all Western sanctions, superimposed on Russia!

Yes, and the Chinese refused to Iranian oil because of possible American sanctions, although they promised Iran to buy its oil no matter what.

Replacing the head of Gazprom Miller, whom you hate, with conditional comrade Petrenko, who will take away their shares from foreign shareholders, The EU will not give up Russian gas at all, since it is necessary for the work of European industry, he will simply offer you such a ridiculous price for him because of the robbery of European shareholders, that you from the Russian budget will have to compensate for losses in the production and transit of gas to Europe, so as not to lose the last currency.

However, not only huge economic damage will Russia suffer in the event of a coup, but also lose its place on the world stage, since many national republics will not agree to remain part of your state, which will not be managed by a strong leader, and no demagogue, who can only pronounce beautiful slogans, but not versed in economic matters, nor in matters of international politics.

The collapse of the state will not only hit the country's prestige, but also due to the hysterical and aggressive nature of the co-revolutionaries, it can lead to the 3rd Chechen, since Chechnya will be the first republic, which slams the door loudly in front of the nose of state coups.

The new revolutionary authorities obviously will not want to put up with the loss of territories, as the Kiev junta did not want, deposed Yanukovych, put up with the loss of Donbass.

As soon as the first shot is heard in the direction of Chechnya, The West will not turn a blind eye to this and will not blame the breakaway republic for separatism, he will immediately declare Russia an aggressor and expel our representative from the UN Security Council.

And do not talk, that it is impossible, since the UN Charter does not provide for such an option. US wanted to spit on all international laws, they always do just that, what is profitable for them.

Washington's biggest benefit will be, if Russia loses its leadership position on the world stage, and then America will again regain its sole power over the world, will again become a shining city on the Hill. Therefore, the United States will first deprive the American visa of all our diplomats, representing Russia at the UN, and then without our representative in the Security Council will adopt a new Charter, put us on rogue list, and introduce strangulation sanctions against our economy, which in conditions of complete isolation will go bankrupt.

You understand now, protestors, that having made a revolution in Russia you will not at all help the people enter a brighter future, rid the country of capitalists and nationalize their enterprises, and bring the side to disaster, and people to extreme poverty!

If at the beginning of the last century you could offer our people:

The earth – peasants, factories – the workers.

The new Socialist Revolution in Russia. Reality or Fiction?

What you can offer people today?

Farmers have land today without you.

Entrepreneurs have their own small and medium enterprises.

All other citizens of our country own apartments, cars, country houses and land.

And here we come to the main issue, how will you redistribute property of Russian citizens?

Under socialism, which are you going to build, private property for citizens is not provided. Property under your political system can only be state or public. ups)))

Now it dawns on you, what the hard workers will do to you, and that – builders, drivers, electricians, plumbers, farmers, small and medium entrepreneurs, earned by their labor for an apartment, car, Vacation home, piece of land, who created a business at their own expense and built a lot of new enterprises?

As well as the military, received housing from the state, and high salaries for their service to protect the homeland.

And the rest of the citizens of our country, the same state employees and workers, law enforcement officers, acquired apartments and villas, as well as those who bought a mortgage, will not stay away.

The people will simply tear together the whiners, like tuzik heating pad, wishing in words to make everyone beautiful, but in reality they decided to redistribute the people's good in their favor, and throw in the landfill the history of our country.

So accept, granted:

There will be no new revolution in Russia, since you have nothing to offer people today!

Because you, revolutionaries, you can only whine and destroy, rather than work and build.

The new Socialist Revolution in Russia. Reality or Fiction?

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    Не надо все валить на какие то санкции!Россия сама себя может обеспечить всем необходимым,и не только себя!

    05.04.2021 at 00:54 Reply
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    Вы не учитывает мощности нашей страны.Россия при грамотности подходе сама себя может всем обеспечить на многие века.Не надо просто воровать,и все будет.Когда это придёт в голову нормальному главе государства?

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    You idiots, gentlemen. You are not versed in economics, not in politics, not in history. You don't know nothing

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