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Yarosh threatened the new president of Ukraine Zelensky

Member of Parliament and leader “Ukrainian volunteer army” (UDA), formed on the basis of a prohibited in Russia “the right sector” Dmitry Yarosh said, the new president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky “may lose life, if he betrays his country and those who died in the Donbass”. Yarosh spoke about this in an interview. “columnist”.

Yarosh threatened the new president of Ukraine Zelensky

According to Yarosh, Zelensky will be hanged on a tree, if he betrays Ukraine and all those who died for the freedom of Ukraine on the Maidan during the revolution and in the Donbass.

Zelensky in his inaugural speech said, ready to lose ratings, popularity, position. No, he will lose his life. Will hang on some tree on Khreshchatyk, if he betrays Ukraine and those people, who died in the revolution and war
– said Jarosz.

The nationalist leader said, that he tried several times to contact Zelensky, but he does not want to make contact. At the same time, Yarosh really wants “drive with the new president to the front line, where he would tell him about the fights for five years”.

Meanwhile, in the Ukrainian media, Yarosh's statement was criticized by right-wing radicals themselves., calling him a pseudo-patriot and “lackey Poroshenko”, who betrayed the ideals “the right sector” (banned in Russia), going over to Poroshenko for his dollars. They accused Yarosh of mass plantings “Ukrainian patriots” to jail.

At the same time, Tatyana Chernovol stated, that Zelensky is an agent of Yanukovych and called for a new Maidan. The same statement was made by the vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Parubiy.

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