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A man in an autonomous existence (Fishermen)

Favorable outcome of autonomous existence depends on many factors: physical and psychological, food and water supplies, efficiency of equipment etc.. The Arctic and Tropics, mountains and deserts, boreal forest and ocean – Each of these areas is characterized by its natural features, which determine the specificity of human life (behavior rules, ways of getting food and water, shelter construction, the nature of diseases and their prevention measures, way to travel around the area). The more severe environmental conditions, the shorter the autonomous existence, the greater the stress of battling with nature, the stricter rules of conduct must be carried out, the more expensive price, which is payable every mistake. On human activity strongly influenced by his will, determination, recollection, ingenuity, physical fitness, endurance. But these important qualities are sometimes insufficient for salvation. People are dying from the heat and thirst, without knowing, that in three steps is saving water source, frozen tundra, failing to build a shelter out of snow, die of hunger in the forest, where a lot of game, victims of venomous animals, not knowing, how to provide first aid at a sting.

When a man picked up on any type of terrain chances of survival depend on the following factors:

· желание выжить;

· умение применять имеющиеся знания, strictly comply with the requirements of stay in a particular area;

· уверенность в знании местности;

· рассудительность и инициативность;

· дисциплинированность и умение действовать по плану;

· способность анализировать и учитывать свои ошибки.

survive – This means to address three major challenges:

1. To be able to escape from the cold, heat and wind, protect the body from hypothermia or overheating, depending on terrain and weather conditions.

2. Immediately set the daily water consumption rate, and emergency supplies leave for emergencies. It is also necessary to take measures to find water sources.

3. Create a diet and make sure, that there is a sufficient amount of water for cooking and eating.

1.1. Psychological preparation.

There is no clear distinction between mentally healthy people and psychiatric patients. For any of these groups carry yourselves with caution. Moralist and maximalist can get crazy in itself – without major shocks from the outside. This sometimes happens by introspection and by dreams clash with reality. This intellectual (and not just the holder of a diploma) –

It can touch the mind only in an extreme situation, when it exhausted its possibilities of conscious development of psychic defense mechanisms. These mechanisms are: faith in a happy ending (“a happy ending”); neboyazn death (“death – a single act, after which there will be no feelings”); capacity for willpower; tricks for intelligence at the monotonous physical work (“the road by walking”); dreams (primary and alternate); distrust; cynicism; disposition to exploit (not self-sacrifice!); the habit of laughing, including over a.

1.1.1. Apathy.

When an unexpected accident, when death appears imminent, the only wholly danger is, that you can fall into a state of apathy – like a boa swallows a rabbit. History is replete with examples of major accidents, when people died only because, too quickly lost hope and did not do anything to save himself. Salvation is, to pre-tune the perception of critical situations as your own long-awaited chance to be a hero. You should feel elation. Behave well, then to not be ashamed to remember

1.1.2. Insulation.

The lack of information inhibits the psyche. single camera – strong punishment for a prisoner. But the situation was not hopeless for intellectual. Use the rest to clean up knowledge, ideas, self-organization. Engage in yoga. If enough food – Train your muscles. Sign a pet, eg, spider. Watch it, trainable, put experiments. You will discover something not useless. Deliberately forked his identity, without waiting, until it split in two as a result of schizophrenia itself. There are many options: I – enthusiast and I – cynic, I – Christ and I – devil etc. If bored – Triple, uchetverytes. Consciously begin thinking out loud. This is when something starts by itself, but you outstrip events for the prevention of mental disorders. the impossibility of writing – a good reason to start a serious workout memory. Potency whopping memory. You can not very well hold one big theory of mind.

1.1.3. neobyatnoy work.

Intellectuals do not tolerate monotonous physical work. supposing, You need to walk a great distance to turn the shovel or a huge amount of land. It is very boring, but it allows you to think of something else. Take a head putting in order of past experiences: remember pleasant episodes, movies, books. Analyze your life. This entertainment last long. Still can dream – About, how well everything will ever be. Look for the benefits in the situation. It may consist, eg, in muscle training, in the development of certain mental qualities.

1.1.4. Depression.

Depression occurs as a result of the failure of a large or a large loss. Depression can cause a set of small troubles, lack of success

– when “everything is bad”. In such a state can be formed suicidal mood, ie, obsessive thoughts of suicide. Set a rule: always possible to delay decisions. The morning is wiser than the evening. There will be new ideas, circumstances change, come good advice. Consider: Any severe loss emotionally experienced only the first three days. Then the man gets used to everything. Please be forces on 3 day. If you do not want to live, A revision of the joys, are still available to you. They can muster enough, to justify your existence. If you have enemies, think, they will be pleased by your incompetent end. If you all my life did not dare to some decisive action, Take it “behind the curtain”. This may help you regain the will.

1.1.5. drugs.

Strongly do not try drugs. It will not harm the health of one times, but you all will break a barrier, and tempted a second time it will be much easier. At all, the best way to protect yourself from dangerous temptations – not try. Personal experience – chepuhovoe achievement compared with the risk of decay and destruction of the individual's health. Righteousness is now out of fashion. But if you – strong personality, or you want it to be, why do you fashion weak ordinary people? Also, volitional qualities you greatly add value in business acquaintances, when a job in a solid firm.

1.1.6. panic.

Stampede arises, when the path to salvation seems reasonable, but scarce. There is no way to salvation – no panic. path is, but it seems, the train leaves, – Here begins the crush. In a panic, people forget morality: can crush and children, and old women. Panic does not disable the ability to think. Find a strong argument, and you will have a chance to stop the crowd.

1.1.7. Behavior before the disaster.

Analysis shows catastrophes: slowly growing danger alarm does not excite. for example, Many people are stubborn, the public authorities evicted them from dangerous areas.

1.1.8. Behavior during a disaster.

A little stress in critical situations helps to think, strong – prevents. It can disrupt the perception of time: while to stretch. Can occur a split personality: one thinks and acts half, and the other looks at it and is terrified (“eyes fear – hand make”). In this other half of the man sees himself as if from the outside, He recalls the image of his life. Intense fear of being tested, when not even the state came a split personality, and when it has already passed. bifurcation – This compensation fear, distantsirovanie it. Triggered the strongest habits, suppressing all the other habits and the newly acquired knowledge.

1.1.9. The consequences of emergencies.

Usually, people, Holocaust survivors, begin mental disorders: insomnia, apathy, fear, nightmares, loss of appetite, impotence. Changes often do not begin immediately after the disaster, and a few months. These disorders are reversible. It really helps to communicate with people, which can be open about their experiences.

1.1.10. training self.

Without checking his composure even in training, You can not be sure it. fear, anger, stir – insidious emotions. Learn to recognize their beginning. Mentally simulate the situation, in which they can be called. Invent the formula of self-hypnosis, and saturate their associations. for example: “I'm not afraid of death, because then it will not be anything” Or: “I'm not afraid to die, because it is still the soul is immortal”. Do not test the nerves of others instead of their: do not wait for the train, lying on the rails. height test – another thing. Try to approach the edge of the roof. But just in case Snap. It is useful to watch horror movies. Sometimes arrange themselves following training: worry mentally different difficult situations: fire on plane, meeting with a robber, fight in a restaurant, etc..

1.1.11. hope.

The difficulties helps keep hope for the best. Soldier dreams of “Dembele”, Robinson – a sail on the horizon. Have spare dream in case of failure the main. Do not put everything on one card: move in several directions (but afraid to throw). Watch movies. There's always a happy ending. There are few principles, in which it is worth believing. Believe in the, that from any unpleasant situation out there is, in principle,. The only problem is, Are you smart enough, to find him.

1.1.12. Conflict with morality.

The human mind is flexible, rich vocabulary, and all the abominations can find an excuse. Do not invent excuses. Conflict with the law – nonsense before the conflict with his better half “I”. Think, how much torment will cause you to neglect your declining years, when you start to think about the soul. Do not invent a convenient morality itself. Even cynics observe some rules. These rules, components invariant basis of conscience, embedded in our instincts, because we – gregarious creatures. deadly risk, to save someone – it usually just stupidity or gipertorofirovannoe posturing. But let live – it relieves a lot of anxiety and also in itself is nice. If you do not have good reasons not to do some act, dubious from the point of your morality, do not make it easy “just in case”. But it is doubtful if and “Yes” and “no”, resolutely do what, it is more profitable to you personally.

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