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Michael Abizov – why now?

Michael Abizov - why now?

What arrested a retired politician and oligarch?

“What are you Vanka something Morozova, he's in no way to blame” – I remember the song by Bulat Okudzhava, reading Media responses to the arrest of the former minister without portfolio in the Open Government Mikhail Abyzova. After all, its enrichment schemes have long been under surveillance and secret for anybody not represented. More Sergey Ivanov when he was the president of the main administration scored on Abyzova materials for a good trial. Why is it only now arrested?

Milestones Abyzova interested in his instructive. As it can be to write the history of Russia's new capitalism. Abyzov – typical “new Russian”, surfaced foam early 90s. he is only 46 years. Born in Minsk in a simple family, father died, when he was 14 years. The boy had to go to the laborers, so that the family could somehow make ends meet. Then there was a porter at the brewery – generally, He drank heavy exhaustive work with the youth.

It turned, that while he was still a very gifted in mathematics. Receive an invitation to study at the Moscow physico-mathematical boarding school at MSU – it says a lot. But, He is a clever man, Abizov in the 90 dropped out at every party and went into commerce. Chelnochil Turkey, every drove consumer goods, then passed to Bulgarian products in the form of cigarettes and ketchup. they, who then himself chelnochil, immediately understand, what's the matter - these headings were profitable only when well-established relationship with customs. needed his “on the border of the window”. cigarettes, coffee and ketchup - originally smuggled goods. Thus began the road to big money.

Shuttles overgrown ties not only at customs, but also in the marketing of, where then spun all sorts of money substitutes such preferential Railways. tariffs and bills energy companies. And sitting on energy bills - the people, part of the regional elite. Abizov acquainted with some Novosibirsk businessman Ivan Starikov, State Duma deputy, becoming his assistant.

After this contact the entire business Abyzova moved to Novosibirsk. Entering through Starikov in regional energy and opening the door there in the respective institutions legs, Abizov made contact with Anatoly Chubais. When he went to the head of RAO “UES of Russia”, then with a pulled Abyzova, and he headed a department – investment and business projects. And so there is a well-worked, which a year later he became deputy Chubais in the energy company-monopolist.

As you can imagine, opportunities Abyzova RAO “UES of Russia” were roughly the same, like Arashukova in Gazprom. On Abyzova attacked a lot of money, and he could not fight back from them. And since wealth was possible only at a certain way of financial, liberals defend, the Abizov liberal coterie became one of the gray eminences, approximate to the most key figures.

2006 Abyzov year promised the position of head of RAO Investment Commission “UES of Russia” with development of more than two trillion rubles plans, but the way he moved Gref, the then Minister of Economy. His group claimed itself to the development of such amount, and Resources Minister outweighed resource toxic Chubais. And Abizov realized, that overcame all of the state-owned companies, that can be, and more squeeze will not succeed. Now is the time to go into big business.

“Sugar in Russia – matter originally thieves” – said Peter I. And he was right. In Russia, all the big business in the early '90s – matter originally thieves. It was a tank, which merged milked money from the state close to the government officials. Stepping into it, Abizov continued beneficial relationship with the power. assets Abyzova – in the energy sector and in other sectors of the economy.

AT 2012 year Abizov becomes adviser to Dmitry Medvedev. In the same year to create a formal framework for the status it – “open government”, meaning that neither then, or later it has not been clear to anyone. There was the Abizov “Minister without Portfolio” – a wedding general without an army. But the meaning was simple – Abizov was a lobbyist for the status of the liberals in power, and he needed to work status. The status of the blind in the form of “open government” – office “Horns and hooves”, the purpose of which was writing examinations for all sorts of business projects. Such examinations Abyzova people already nasochinyali 12 thousand. On the actual effect of this case it is not known.

Not Abizov worked as a minister without portfolio, and the Minister without Portfolio working Abyzov. Abyzov – Here was his true and the main post. And that, Now that he is charged with 4 billion stolen from the Novosibirsk region money – this is not only its amount and not a single episode. These 4 billion had not the first and not the last, but you need to understand, that such amounts do not move from their seats without solving people, much more important, than Abizov. And what if the amount received Abizov, it certainly is something someone wrote down, otherwise it would not have received.

what, whom, when and how much – These are the questions, that his investigators are now asking. Although they themselves know, Where, when, to whom and how much. But we need details. Looking for testimonies in support of the results of investigation. Needed evidence on the, who cherishes a dream during the transfer of power to take revenge and do many bad things for the sake of preventing the changes of the situation in Russia.

During Marsh riot Abizov, official person, He goes there – just look, as he spoke. clear, He tried to sniff, where the balance will swing and understand, what to do. Libra swung in the direction of power, and I realized Abizov, that go to the activity while it is impossible.

Abizov was one of the most active agitators Dmitry Medvedev, urging him not to give up power and go for a second term. That is Abizov – then part of the current round Medvedev powerful Liberal team, by Chubais to Dvorkovich his clan brothers Magomedov. In fact, in Russia, then everything hung in the balance, pressure on Medvedev was so strong, promises so enticing, that could only resist the superman. or people, understanding, it becomes hostage to a very dangerous forces. Anyway, Medvedev did not follow their advice and thus put them in an isolated position.

but Abizov – a member of the key groups in the Russian liberal movement. Neutralization knocks out a whole bunch more resource status liberals, preparing revenge on the eve of the transfer 2024. In fact, knocked out most key members of the liberal komnady.

“I was waiting for this time – and now it's time, those who remained silent – no longer silent” – Viktor Tsoi sang directly about this our situation. Emigrated Abyzova deftly pulled in Russia, where he faces up to 20 years in prison. The matter is very serious. From his understanding of their prospects for the coming years depends on it. Do follow them more 10 such as severe, It depends on it.

Abyzov – transmission lever between the very strong players, able to 2024 was seriously jeopardize the political stability in Russia. Now this opportunity is slightly reduced. Removing this link, It weakens the whole network. Whatever happened to Abyzov, one thing is clear – tselili his political cover, hatched a plan to disrupt the Russian movement towards sovereignty. The weakening of the liberal clan makes economic sanctions against Russia meaningless, as there is no capacity to implement politically provoked deterioration of the people's livelihood.

"Cat beat - daughter has been filed". Abyzova arrested - there is someone ready. Here are the very first people around him began to leave Russia ... The movement goes from the periphery to the center. Arrest Abyzova showed, that all attempts of the liberals to build some sort of "their" game during the transfer of power - will be stopped most cruelly.

This is the main point of arrest Abyzova - and not in the four stolen and divided for a long time with someone billions, which is gone. And the message recipients perfectly understood its meaning. In Russia there is simply no longer untouchable. In Russia there are no prospects for a liberal revenge. And with that thought, many will have to get used to. It is better to work for the benefit of the Motherland free, than chamber, but if it is someone else not understand, I have a little sit down and think. Thinking time give generously.

Alexander Chaldean

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