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US graduate existence in underground shelters, and that's why

US graduate existence in underground shelters, and that's why

Western propaganda machine for a long time been building the image of the United States, how indestructible, invincible power, which has the dollars and the word "democracy". Gradually, however, this artificial veil began eroding, and found: despite the loud status, United States business confidence crashing.

In many respects it is a merit of the doctrine of "American exceptionalism". That is, the Americans deliberately do not accept the world experience, following its own path. It is this belief creates US residents more problems, what brings benefit. The difficulties, faced by States, will be discussed.

"Renaissance" of the economy

Also in 2015 , the head of the US's leading polling company Gallup Jim Clifton told, that the words of the "revival of the American economy" is simply an illusion of politicians and businessmen of the White House to Wall Street. The actual data demonstrate, that the foundation of the US economy - business – atrophy. "Mortality" is now more than "birth", that is, when creating a 400 thousand. startups operate fold 470 thousand. projects annually. This is a stable trend with 2008 of the year.

US share of the world market also lose. Manufacturing industry was, for example, 40% of world, whereas today the figure has less 14%. At this wave, the United States began to buy goods (2,2 trillion dollars) half as much again, than to produce (1,5 dollars tcm). What then hope?

Today, the US is in the lead in terms of public debt, is over 350% of GDP and exceeded the mark in 22 trillion dollars. To 2014 the budget deficit still managed to extinguish the printing press, but only temporarily. Not save tax charges in the amount of 14% all payments. Affects the, what 20% all taxes goes to finance the war and espionage.

According to forecasts by David M. Walker, former head of the GAO (US Accounting Chamber – English. The Government Accountability Office), States in the preservation of the current course, to 2030 year public debt will enter a phase of uncontrolled exponential growth. Hence the answer to the question, when the US is waiting for the collapse of. In, it will happen, no doubt – History shows very clearly. FROM 1800 the Americans were on the verge of default 63 fold, of which 52 the threat could not be overcome.

Besides, the US has become the norm bankruptcy of entire cities. The most striking example is known and collapse Detroit. Because of the inability to pay 20 billion debt, The city is actually a ghost. 80% buildings destroyed, and the number of residents decreased from 2 million to 700 thousand. That's just not the authorities are trying to solve these problems, become for the United States ordinary.

political circus

As is known, in the United States are three main sources of power – the president, The Senate and House of Representatives. Using a wide range of powers, They often stick to each other spokes in the wheel, interfering elementary adoption of the budget. On this basis, and American lobbying rests.

Lawmakers in the US often lobby the interests of various corporations, co-operating on the spent years Scheme. Against this background, it can not do without corruption. According to a survey by Gallup, about 80% Americans believe the White House corrupt.

This trend, really, there. Especially in the military sector, where the price of a particular equipment intentionally overstated in 20-100 time. Typical examples of this kind are fighters F-117 and F-35, on completion of which is pumped over the years budget.

Against the background of the regular party confrontations emerging separatism states. So, for example, as of 2012 year 29 of 50 States would like to get out of the US staff. Now this trend continues, true, It erupts in small foci in one, else.

AT 2015 , US scientists from Princeton University found, that the United States is no longer a democratic country. The researchers concluded, that the majority does not affect US policy, which violates the basic principles of democracy. In the same year, a survey showed Washington Post, that Americans have lost faith in the "American dream". The number of people, considered a national idea of ​​the dead, increased from 10% to 29%.

But then who runs the country? oligarchy. According to the diplomat Lawrence Wilkinson, US holds power 400 the largest oligarchs. This is a typical protokratiya, in which business is controlled performance from behind the scenes. of course, if you are at the top of their disassembly, then at the bottom of the "American Dream" reign far more terrible things.

"It is not a democracy", a totalitarianism

While part of the political elite shares the throne, justice system, law enforcement agencies and the media set their zone of influence and orders. So, real prison industry developed in the USA. On 9 million prisoners worldwide, a quarter of them (about 2,3 million) It falls on the United States.

AT 2014 the Americans have registered a "new achievement": number of prisons in the country exceeded in 5000 institutions. And it's more, than universities and colleges. Prisons have become a business with their shares and dividends, it is not surprising, revealed that more and more cases, when was imprisoned for 20 years, people are innocent.

And what about torture in CIA prisons? AT 2014 year of the shocking report was published in 525 of 7000 pages. From it became known, that the US Central Intelligence Agency gave millions in bribes to foreign diplomats for the organization of secret prisons.

The document should, that detainees were tortured the most sophisticated ways: water torture, sleep deprivation for a week, intentional hypothermia, "Rectal feeding", death threats against family, torture loud sound. And after the torture has no medical assistance, but only the other way around, to inflict the greatest possible pain. true, anyone not punished for it, because in 2016 year in the Office of the Director of the CIA "accidentally" deleted the only copy of the inspector's report, And with the hard disk.

Do not forget about the biological experiments on human beings.

In the 50's in the US military biological and radiological defense decided to release over the states of Florida and Georgia, millions of mosquitoes, to analyze the estimated propagation velocity amarillnoy fever. And because of such examples in the history full. What here to speak, if in 2015 the Guatemalan residents accused the Institute of Johns Hopkins University in, that his experiments doctors deliberately infected with Guatemalans with syphilis and gonorrhea.

At the same time the truth comes to the Americans, because here is the role of your biased media. They do not aspire to objectivity, but only broadcast the, that said top. A striking example is the homosexual in U.S. propagation in 2015 year. The American Institute of Public Opinion cited data, according to which the average American was sure, what 23% fellow gays. However, gay, lesbians and transgender people in the beginning 2015 year accounted for only 3,8 % US residents. It is through such publications here and preached sodomy among Americans.

Unaffordable "bytovuha"

Against the background of accumulated problems the Americans are trying to abstract from all. To do this in the United States and many hooked on drugs. For the poorer classes is profitable and cheap. So, According to the Washington Post, at 2015 year heroin dose costs less in the US cigarette packs. For example, New York heroin could have been taken for 10 dollars, and cigarettes for 12. That's why a significant increase in mortality and the deterioration of the health of citizens are not joined to the official propaganda about the success of the US economy.

Add to this racial conflicts, rising inequality (20 richest Americans have more money, than 152 million poorest Americans), as well as an expensive medicine. Sealing one tooth costs, usually, from 100 to 200 dollars, top should turn and insurance, that in a year for a family costs about 17 one thousand dollars. they, who did not get insurance at work, You have to pay for it out of pocket. It ends this sad.

For example, in USA 42% cancer patients completely ruined after two years of illness. Insulin should incredibly expensive, and many do not get enough of it. Some diabetics die unnecessarily. They do not have enough money for its purchase.

Besides, in the United States, one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the developed world – 26,4 on 100 thousand. birth. for comparison, in Finland the figure is 3,8.

On the basis of the problems the Americans begin psychosis and paranoia. US residents are buying space in silos and various shelters for protection against nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. The demand for shelter increased tenfold after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, as well as the war in Libya.

Zakompleksovannyj "Demokratiska"

Wherever you spit in domestic politics and US life, Problems galore. Americans for everything having to pay any money, or life. All these facts together only proves the weakness of the United States and Washington's policy with accumulation of errors. apparently, because of the reluctance to show their obvious weaknesses States continues to follow the path of military expansion, showing all supposed superiority. obviously, that the White House is filled with notorious "demokratishkami".

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