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Thailand and Indonesia refused to buy Russian “Varshavyanky”

Thailand and Indonesia have decided not yet to buy Russian diesel- electric submarine project 636 “Varshavyanka”, Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS) Russian Mikhail Petukhov at the LIMA exhibition 2019 in Malaysia.

Таиланд и Индонезия отказались закупать российские "Варшавянки"

According to Petukhov, Russian “Varshavyanky” though possess characteristics worthy, but the number considered to buy Navy Thailand and Indonesia are not logged in. he explained, A decision on the submarines taken on a tender basis, and decisions were made not in favor of the Russian proposal. However, the Russian side, the refusal did not become a tragedy.

We regret, what are they, in contrast to the experts of China Navy, India, Vietnam and other countries, yet we are unable to verify the unique combat capabilities submarine project 636

– He stressed Petukhov.

Russia supplies foreign customers submarine project 636.1 - it is an improved version of the Soviet diesel-electric submarines of Project 877 EKM. These submarines are considered the low noise of the non-nuclear Russian submarine. They also have modern facilities radar equipment, communication, hydroacoustic stations, torpedo tubes 533 millimeter and RCC “Club-S”. However, the Russian submarines have VNEU.