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What is the solution for preparing Erdogan Bartholomew?

What is the solution for preparing Erdogan Bartholomew?

What is behind the proposal to change the status of the Hagia Sophia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a proposal to change the status of the Hagia Sophia. He stated this on the air broadcasting company TGRT. "Sophia status can be changed with the museum to mosque. And people of all faiths can attend it for free », - said the Turkish leader. With this initiative Erdogan speaks not for the first time. The last time it was made while, when in early June 2016 the Bundestag of Germany recognized the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire. Within a month, during Ramadan, from Istanbul's Hagia Sophia, every morning, state television had broadcast live the dawn prayer. This time, the change in status may be linked to the fact of US recognition of Israel's Golan Heights area.

But the problem is not just in this ancient Christian church. In recent years, the Western media increasingly began to call Istanbul Constantinople. this is due, of course, primarily with a view, that the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew granted autocephalous Orthodox Church in Ukraine and appointed its representatives in Kyiv. Erdogan,, which the, perhaps, I expected to play under certain conditions with respect to both Ukraine, and Moscow church map, I missed. Fanar went out of control and Ankara was completely under the control of the Americans. According to a professor of the University of Münster, Thomas Bremer, in the Orthodox world has changed the balance of power. At first, there is a split of the world Orthodox community as a whole. Secondly, Orthodox schism in Ukraine. Thirdly, reduces the possibility of the Russian Orthodox Church to influence the course of events, especially in the course of Phanar. Finally, with its center in Constantinople appears "point of force", which will be guided by the Greek-speaking Church, i.e. two formed block orthodox.

What is the solution for preparing Erdogan Bartholomew?

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This aspect is still only comes to understanding the experts, in fact determined by the new geography of the canonical territory of the center of Constantinople in Turkey, but with the main forces outside. About Constantinople spoke also in connection with the upcoming elections the head of Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople, with jurisdiction over all the parishes in Turkey and Crete. But many of the issues are in the competence solely of Echmiadzin. And this is for Ankara also "external factor", get rid from which it wishes to. But how? In early December 2017 Erdogan year while visiting from Greece visit "unexpectedly" said, that "the time has come to undertake a review of the Treaty of Lausanne 1923 of the year", which defined the modern border of Turkey, thereby issuing a collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Many people have linked this statement to the territorial disputes between the two countries in the Aegean Sea. But the Agreement is determined and the status of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Recall, in the years 1918-1923 there was a split in the camp of the Episcopate of Constantinople. It became part of the focus on the Greek national center, with the result that the Turks raised the question of the removal of the patriarch of the country. In this regard, today historians often cite an interview with Patriarch Meletios in October 1922 , the Italian newspaper Oriente Moderno: "If patriarchy will not be able to function freely in Turkey, it will have to transfer to Mount Athos ". In the same month, the bishops discussed the possibility of double samoudaleniya beyond Turkey. 4 January 1923 , the Turkish delegation formally requested from the members of the Lausanne International Conference to transfer the Patriarchate of Constantinople on the Holy Mountain, "Because of its hostility to the Turkish government". The Italians have been inclined to agree, against the representatives of the United Kingdom, France and the US. It took the decision to leave Paris Patriarchate in Istanbul. true, Ankara then drove out selected in December 1924 , the Patriarch Constantine VI, that even though he was a Turkish citizen, but I did not live in Istanbul, that the Treaty of Lausanne was required from the claimant to the throne.

It ended up, Atatürk managed to move the Constantine VI to the throne patriarsheskogo. So there is already a historical precedent for the modern Ankara in this direction. But act according to old recipes, it can only in the event of realization for themselves serious danger. Recall, that after a failed coup in the summer 2016 , the first in the Turkish press, and then in many Western publications began to appear about the involvement of Bartholomew for "conspiracy against the legitimate government", in which "we were tied Gülen, CIA and Bartholomew ". So whether it was in fact, hard to judge. However, the Italian edition of Il Foglio concluded, that "what is happening like operation, played out for, to complicate matters Bartholomew ". Aksam Turkish edition presupposed, that situation until the "save the United States", which "operation performed Ukrainian". What will happen next, No one knows.

What is the solution for preparing Erdogan Bartholomew?

Cathedral of St. George in the Phanar

In this regard, the Turkish media recall, in the 1960s, the Turkish government has threatened to expel from the country Patriarch Athenagoras. I made against Washington, expressing fears, that "the Soviet Union could push the Russian Orthodox Church to be the leader of the Orthodox world". Today the Soviet Union is no more, but in Moscow today, hardly anyone would stand up for Bartholomew. And the Turkish authorities not interested in increasing the influence of Phanar, that are at risk of the appearance of "independent spiritual power", a kind of "religious state" within Turkey - it is perceived as a sign of the collapse of the country. So that after the announcement of the change of Hagia Sophia status under certain conditions, it may be decided and Bartholomew. by the way, Athos has already told, that "administratively is not subject to the Patriarch of Constantinople, which is not a ruling bishop Athos autonomy, but only a spiritual father ".

That is all you know something, to something prepared and waiting. In short, some intrigue and mysteries! As always happens in the East.

Stanislav Tarasov

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