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US Navy aircraft carrier USS write off nuclear “Harry S. Truman”

The United States will reduce its aircraft carrier fleet. The new budget US Navy, Congress considered, It involves the decommissioning of nuclear aircraft carrier “Harry Truman” instead of repairing and recharging reactors. On it informs edition of Stars and Stripes.

Американский флот спишет атомный авианосец USS "Harry S. Truman"

According to the American edition, if passed by the US Congress of a new budget for the US Navy for the next year, carrier Harry S. Truman will be written off and disposed of to 2024 of the year. The reason is simple – lack of money for maintenance. As considered in the Pentagon, If instead of the planned in 2024 year repair with charge carrier reactors put out of service, it will help save 6,5 billion. dollars, and taking into account the cost of its operation until the end of service 2048 year – to 30 billion.

This decision support and in the US Navy. According to Vice-Admiral Randy Kritesa, it will allow “release new financial opportunities for other projects”.

Nuclear aircraft carrier USS “Harry S. Truman” (CVN-75) It is the eighth in a series of 10 ships of “Nimetz” (Nimitz) US Navy. laid 29 November 1993 of the year, launched 07 September 1996 of the year. It became part of the US Navy 25 July 1998 of the year.

According to the accepted doctrine of the United States Marine, US Navy should be composed of 12 aircraft carrier. To date, the Navy has a 11 Ships of this class: 10 type Nimitz and the head of a new-generation aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford. Two new type of carrier under construction, entry into service is scheduled for the second half of the 20s. Another two aircraft carriers: the founder of a series of Nimitz and George H.W. Bush – is being repaired.