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US plans to hand-saboteurs militants seize oil and gas to Syria

US plans to hand-saboteurs militants seize oil and gas to Syria

While the Kurds are trying to deal with the remnants of the militants IG banned in Russia to the east of the Euphrates, US preparing terrorists surrendered to a new attack on the CAP.

According to a source in the Federal News Agency Syrian army, At-TANF through Jordan and Iraq were transported by ground with the assistance of thousands of US military militants IG1. All of them previously surrendered in the vicinity of El Baguza on the east coast of the Euphrates.

Now most of the militants are distributed at training camps, where they are active members of the so-called "Bedouin Special Forces" under the name "Abu Husam Madzhmuat", formed the American PMCs in Iraq and joined the IG.

US plans to hand-saboteurs militants seize oil and gas to Syria

Source photo: Federal News Agency

The operation in the White Desert

militants, whose families as hostages sent to the al-Hol camp in Hasaka, decline to participate in the operation to seize control of the White Desert. It is assumed, that the terrorists carry out an attack on the oil-rich areas of Homs - Dzhizal, Maxrur, Twain and Ash-Shair. Besides, attack may be subject to a phosphate mine "Hneyfis" and government positions along the route of Deir ez-Zor - Damascus.

reported, that militants already have an active campaign in the White Desert. So, for the last 10 days as a result of terrorist attacks killed at least two dozen Syrian military. Oppose the militants in the region SAR government troops, which is backed by Russian VKS identify and destroy the gang. Since in this area the beginning of March managed to eliminate about 150 militants, 20 vehicles with machine guns and 15 motorcyclists.

US plans to hand-saboteurs militants seize oil and gas to Syria

Source photo: Pr Scr

Another case scenario, who would like to implement the US, It is to capture areas in the Central Syrian Kurds from the "Syrian Democratic Forces" (SDF), enjoying the active support of the Pentagon. FAN source told, that after completion of the operation in El Baguze CIA officers secretly gathered influential sheikhs, who were asked to take part in the fight against terrorists in exchange for future revenues from mineral deposits west of the Euphrates.

As it appears, The Pentagon is once again trying to press the hands of terrorists the government forces in the region, subsequently to seize control of the resource-rich territory. With this may be related to the refusal of the US liquidation of the camp, "Al-Rukban", based in the vicinity of Al-TANF.

expert opinion

According to Associate Professor of Political Science and Sociology RG Alexander Plekhanov Perendzhieva, States intended to use the IG to overthrow Assad Government, however, they had to re-write strategy after, how to help Damascus came to the Armed Forces.

Perendzhiev considers, Washington is now actively preparing the IG terrorists as spies, who will be able at any moment to attack the strategically important objects and paralyze the activities of the Syrian authorities. it, According to the expert, It is a favorite US reception, militants who use, to realize their own political goals.

1 terrorist group, activity is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation Supreme Court decision.

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