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US change radar destroyers against the background of reducing the risk of electrical

US naval fleet is preparing to hold a large-scale modernization of the destroyers "Arleigh Burke". Modernization, according to the Pentagon, It should be a response to increasing threats from China and Russia. The armed forces of the United States is deeply concerned about the increased opportunities of China and the Russian Federation. The spread of anti-ship cruise missiles with sophisticated algorithms to evade threats and the ever-increasing speeds, It forced the US Air Force to begin a new stage whether this threat is, whether banal ejection means.

США меняют радары на эсминцах на фоне риска снижения электробезопасности

Naval forces plan to purchase a special version of the Air Defense Radar Raytheon Spy-6, It should replace installed on destroyers "Arleigh Burke" series IIA AN / SPY-1D. This upgrade should give a significant increase in the sensitivity and range of the radar actions.

According to the Budget 2020 financial year, Posted on the signing by the President, United States Navy will purchase 24 radar sets SPY-6 supplied with radar module (RMA) and related electronic systems. Installation of equipment is scheduled for 2025 year. Specific deadline to be named later

– It said in a statement the US Navy.

experts say, that the integration of future technologies in existing platforms, even some of the new ships, It becomes incredibly complex engineering task.

Upgraded radar represents Spy-reduced version 6, designed for the destroyers of this class of the third series, the first of which is currently being built in the shipyards of Huntington Ingalls. Spy-6, intended for DDG-125 (ship classification, indicating the number of vessels, issued in this series) will have 37 so-called radar modular elements, which are small box approximately linear dimension 60 cm, which use gallium nitride technology for directing radiation at the radar aerial targets. Older destroyers series Flight IIA will have 24 RMA module.

США меняют радары на эсминцах на фоне риска снижения электробезопасности

Initially Spy-6 radar antenna size 6,7 m have been installed on the prospective cruisers CG(X). After, the project CG(X) It was officially closed, it was decided to develop a version of the radar for the type destroyers "Arleigh Burke" radar 4,3 m.

The sensitivity of this radar is less, but it is higher, than that of full-time for this series of the IIA destroyers.

The new radar will be extremely energy-intensive. Expected, that its normal operation is required desyatimegavattnaya power, what, in its turn, should lead to the installation of a new generator system, change the whole electric vehicle network, as well as improving on-board network voltage. it, in its turn, would entail problems with electrical safety. What will solve the problem, not yet reported.

AMDR Spy-6 system consists of two main radar and RSC-controller, for coordinating the system works.

In his statement, the head of department of development of naval radar from Raytheon, Scott Spence, He stated, that the modernization will increase the possibility of IIA ships.

The Navy aims to prolong life ships series "Arleigh Burke" to 45 years as part of efforts to expand the fleet. Despite some difficulties in installation and operation, Spy-6 will be much easier to maintain, than the current Spy-1D. Raytheon claims, that the modular design will allow me to RMA elements easily to new.