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The world does not remain countries with 100 percent protected from terrorism

After the terrorist act in New Zealand, it became clear, that globalization has reached its peak, which offers the following picture: no country in the world, where it was possible to state with certainty, that terrorism is not here, and will never.

The world does not remain countries with 100 percent protected from terrorism

Globalization has led to a confusion of different religions, to virtually unhindered border crossings in many countries of the world fanatics of all kinds. Against the background of liberal laws on possession and carrying of weapons in a number of countries in the world of terrorism has acquired new features.

Today, in fact, hardly a country in the world, which have not proved terrorists. Terrorism is one bring radical ideas and no less radical attempts to oppose them by others. Terrorist attacks in one form or another rattle around: Iraq, Israel, France, Turkey, Russia, Sweden, Britain, USA, Iran, China, Afghanistan, Somalia, Egypt, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Italy, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Brazil, More dozens of countries around the world.

Now New Zealand, which seemed to be something terribly distant and completely "uninteresting" for terrorists. But ... in the New Zealand city, whose name means "Church of Christ", shooting in two mosques. If something like that someone could suggest years 30-40 ago, it would have twisted his finger to his temple. Today, it is a new reality.

Scares in this regard the, that the world collectively spending on the fight against terrorism, hundreds of billions of dollars. effectively? US recognition, for the last 20 years, at countering radicalization on the Middle East alone the amount spent, trillions! But if the United States the same as a lot of money spent on countering terrorism, why did his tentacles continue to cover more and more regions of the world?

Anglo-Saxon world, to which he belongs, and New Zealand, all recently I preferred to draw a scary picture of the "Russian threat". To fight "the Russian threat" and allocated huge funds are allocated. new aircraft, missiles, new bases across the planet. Meanwhile, the citizens of these countries are killed mostly at the hands of, who live with them side by side. And these countries, as practice shows, the last time, much more convenient to discuss a new package of sanctions against Russia, rather than focus its efforts on cooperation in fight against terrorism. Imaginary threats trying to expose as a real, Meanwhile really trying to push into the background.

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