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Conclusion “messengers” into orbit was delayed due to the lack of Ukrainian components

In the space industry confirm the fact of transfer start launcher "Rokot" satellites "messenger-M" from Plesetsk. It was originally planned, that "Gontsov-M" will bring into orbit in May this year, However, the timing adjusted by one month. And despite the fact, that was originally planned to be launched as early as 2017 year. What is the cause of such a transfer, according to the material RIA Novosti.

Вывод "Гонцов" на орбиту затянулся из-за отсутствия украинских комплектующих

News agency reported, that the problem is with Ukraine. The thing is, that the disposal of Russia for some time now no Ukrainian components for the upper stage "Breeze-KM". We are talking about the details, which were produced at the plant "Hartron" (Kharkiv city). After Maidan coup in Ukraine due to supply required for the booster component broke.

To resolve the problem, it was decided to use backup equipment, belonging to the Ministry of Defense of Russia. But they work on the use of this equipment for the start of "Rokot" tightened.

celebrated, that and June 2019 year may not be the final date in the plans for the launch of the carrier rocket with a low-orbit communications satellites.

Recall, that LV "Rockot" refers to easy storage class. It was created by the conversion program, replacing a release at that time with the weapons SS-18. The head part of "Rokot" consists of a payload bay, the upper stage "Breeze-KM", as well as the head of rocket fairing and the intermediate compartment transition system. First rocket "Rokot" launch took place in May 2000 year from Plesetsk.

Even at the start of another example of the transfer “Rokot” we can say, that the gap of scientific, technical and technological relations between Russia and Ukraine has hit both countries.