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In China, the bomber Xian H-6K named “God of war”

Chinese media published evidence, that personnel from the representatives of the Air Force Academy Harbin was involved in special training bombers Xian H-6 (modifying H-6K). The materials of the PRC mass media reports, that the pilots practiced flights at low altitudes and then calling on the "non-nuclear bombing".

В Китае бомбардировщик Xian H-6K назвали "Богом войны"

We are talking about a plane, basic model for which was the Soviet Tu-16. In this case, H-6K - one of the latest versions of the bomber, equipped engines D-2-30KP. combat load (and he is capable of carrying nuclear weapons) this is about the Chinese aircraft 12 tonnes. Combat radius H-6K – about 3 thousand. km. The Air Force of the PLA bomber Xian H-6K took about 8 years ago.

it is noteworthy, in some paints the Chinese media describe not only the teachings of using bombers, but also directly to the plane H-6K. SINA portal publishes photos of Chinese aircraft and writes, that it can be called "God of War".

Very serious determination for such aircraft. However, the media in our country often provide the same type of characteristics for individual types are not the most modern Russian weapons.

The media remind China, that the PLA credit today there is a naval version of the bomber. We are talking about Xian H-6J with the possibilities of launching anti-ship missiles. Chinese aircraft industry is working on the creation of modified H-6N, which could become the bearer of DF-21D anti-ship missile airborne (DF-21DA). However, information on, that such a modification of the rocket is ready, China's media is not published.