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Media reported the shelling Syrian territory Israel

The news agency SANA (Syria) reports of the shelling of the southern border of the Syrian Arab Republic. The article notes the information service, that the firing was carried out from the territory of Israel.

СМИ сообщили об артиллерийском обстреле сирийской территории Израилем

According to published data, Israeli troops used artillery. Issued shells exploded near the settlement Hader. It is part of the Syrian Golan. This is a deserted place, and as a result of fire no one was hurt.

Press Service of the IDF reported Syrian state media resource does not comment.

Recall, Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said a word about Israel's willingness to resist the expansion of Iran's influence on Syrian territory. According to Netanyahu and the Israeli military manual, Iranian and pro-Iranian militias are not moved away from the Israeli border to the provisions of the distance.

Israeli media have published materials, in which it was stated, Netanyahu during his recent visit to Russia, his demonstrated Vladimir Putin map dispersal IRGC and "Hezbollah" on Syrian territory. About Vladimir Putin's reaction to the card demonstration, Benjamin Netanyahu, has not been reported. However, we know, the heads of state agreed to establish a joint mechanism, which would be involved in monitoring the withdrawal from Syrian territory of foreign armed groups.