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Turkey launched the most extensive Navy exercises in the country's history

Today, Turkey has launched the most ambitious in the history of the country's teachings Navy named Mavi Vatan 2019 (blue Homeland).

Турция начала самые масштабные учения ВМС в истории страны

The researchers first conducted in the waters of three seas: Aegean, Mediterranean and Black. They will be involved 103 Turkish Navy ship: 13 frigates, 6 corvettes, 16 assault boats, 7 submarines, 7 minesweepers, 17 auxiliary cruisers, 22 landing ship, 14 search and rescue ships and one training ship.

Participating in maneuvers ships will drop in 34 Turkish and 7 Foreign port cities.

Besides, in the teachings of combat helicopters will take part, aircraft of the Air Force and unmanned aerial vehicles, entered service with the Marine Corps divisions.

The exercise will take place from 27 February to 8 March under the control of the Turkish Navy Operational Control Center. The purpose of the exercise – raising the level of training units Navy and working out the coherence of their joint actions.