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gas supplies to China “force Siberia” will begin 1 December 2019

During the Investor Day, which takes place in Hong Kong, the representative of the Board of "Gazprom" Oleg Aksyutin told about the gas giant. According to him, the company increased its share of the European gas market. At the end of last year the proportion was 36,7%, What's on 2 percent higher than in 2017. And it is under the action of anti-Russian sanctions.

Поставки газа в Китай по "Силе Сибири" will begin 1 December 2019

Oleg said Aksyutin, that during 15-16 years, "Gazprom" plans to increase production of "blue fuel" from 80 to 115 bcm.
The representative of the Russian company said that, what to 2035 it is planned to export gas to China at this level, to provide up to 13 percent of the Chinese gas consumption.

Speaking of the project "Power of Siberia" of the gas transportation system. Recall, The contract was signed between the Chinese CNPC and Russian "Gazprom" in 2014 year. Term supplies obhovorёn - 30 years. This is when the annual supply on average 38 bcm.

According to the Russian representative, "Power of Siberia" built "already at 99%". Gas deliveries to China through this pipeline "Gazprom" intends to begin 1 December 2019 of the year. This will bring Russian treasury more (substantial) earnings, and China - the available energy resources.

Against the background of the construction of the pipeline "Power of Siberia", as noted, carried out gasification of the Siberian and Far Eastern settlements. gasification project in the country is planned to expand, providing own population such as a gas fuel of.

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