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Anti-popular artists of Russia

Anti-popular artists of Russia

Who are you with, Russian masters of culture, - with the homeland or its sworn "partners"?

Answer, like, is obvious - our masters with us, with supporters of Russia, its people and its leader (elected by an overwhelming majority). But not ours (even hung with the Russian government regalia) - at the same time with our enemies. The last on the enemy: "the water mill (rhyme, note, line) pour ". I.e, in fact, these "kulturagenty" - our enemies, a conscious or unconscious (for example, - on or even out-of «even») – the military does not matter the hour.

But this response is not accurate. Actually, at its most profound essence, namely, that the "masters of culture" with us. It's them – real, not assigned folk artists - are always with their homeland, at all times, even more so - in the "fateful moments" are united with their homeland and its people: from the epic narrators to the magnificent constellation of Soviet artists – soldiers.

Well unsuited apprentice of culture (more often - from the lack of culture), themselves in their designated experts in Codlea "opinion leaders" (in fact, represent a snake Kubla perverts, addicts, alcoholics, pedophiles, homosexuals and other geeks, Dilution of the residue shoblu old "dissidents" – marazmatik), - at the first difficulties and sell your soul, and their puny "skills" to the Western world - "the devil" with his latest adversary - not the biblical Serpent, and banal "golden calf".

There is nothing surprising, Furthermore, all this – naturally. Traitors betray / sell – so it was at all times, in all countries and all peoples.

Russian paradox in another: still in Russia, in the era of global confrontation between Russian and Western worlds in the most profitable Russian (in all senses) serve the enemies of Russia - West anglosionskomu.

one example (full of them, such examples - Russian rule with a few exceptions): Russophobe (as recently revealed - misanthrope, counting 80 % handicapped people - that is, "untremenshami") Andrei Makarevich member of the Council for Culture of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, a famous actor - Russian patriot Michael Porechenkova removed from the approved roles because of the open support Novorossiya republics. Not somewhere in Hollywood "cut" its role, and in the Russian film studios.

According to the Russian artist, his overt political statements and a trip to the Donbass influenced his career. «I do not know,- said Porechenkov, responding to a question. — I dont know, what is that. probably, my open position ". First the actor was thinking, it's a coincidence, but when the situation began to be repeated again and again, I decided to look. «I started watching, where are the strings and who launches project. Everything fell into place. It does not bother me. so, so it is necessary ".

Actor repeatedly visited the shelled ukronatsistami Donetsk, brought to medicines, I showed the film "Poddubny", than I could support people, caught up in a war. During this SBU has announced the actor wanted, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has added it to the list of "terrorists" Site "Peacemaker". Enemies are fighting with Russian patriot, it is obvious and natural, and what in the homeland? See above answer.

There are a number of Russian cultural figures, not afraid of any Ukrainian, any Western sanctions: Ohlobystin, CHicherina, marshal, Chadov, Lanovoi, vine, Bezrukov, gazmanov, Boyarsky, Rastorguev, Leps, late Kobzon and others (a partial list of online "Mirotovorets"). these are real, really popular Russian artists.

But at the same time there is in the Russian Federation "nemoguchaya handful of" supporters "of the Kiev democracy" (banderovskoho, red and black, when mixed - brown tint) and the whole sea "dvustulchatyh", trying to please "and ours, and your " (this is war – at least for the "cold", at least for a "hybrid"). please everyone, and to Russian cities / villages "chesom scratch", and Ukraine, "spud" millions "of Russian-speaking Ukrainians", and to seamlessly acquire Western property, and that the rest of the world, not afraid to fly under the steamroller of sanctions "world leader".

Neither one of these "dvustulchatyh" we are for five years after euromaidan have not heard a single word in condemnation: or "Odessa Khatyn" with dozens dead, or shelling / bombing residential areas of Donbass with thousands of victims, no murder pith, neither Ukrainian repression against dissidents, no arrests Wyszynski, Kotsaby and other journalists.

Very many Russian "masters of culture such as" silent on all these occasions, "like a fish on the ice": "Their huts on the edge, to be exact - the villa, and even dirty locks ".

first geeks (traces of degeneration in some, like Panina, on the face), explicit "zahuntyat", you can still, not taking, understand - open the enemy is "respect". Not for the courage, on the contrary - to be in Russia an enemy of the country and its people, a strange thing is absolutely safe, and in certain, very narrow, but the very wealthy circles - even prestigious.

Did so - during the global confrontation with the West, a significant share of the joint "elite" of Russia - part of the global project "Antirossiya" (smuggled into the Russian world "Kozachko"), respectively, part of serving the pseudo-elite performers - actors antinational.

And, and financial, and "type of cultural" part of the "elite" – both of them are stupid, suicidal: do not understand, that globalist "partners", they are used for internal expansion Russian opponent, followed by "the rulers rossiyskihdum" globalists robbed and thrown out as unnecessary, like used contraceptives. Because of their "respect" (quoted)? It is for this – for an open, prezervativnuyu, suicidal pose.

recent example - "singer Roth» Sergey Lazarev. "Sing Lazarus" – meaning "to complain about his fate, cry ". This "Lazarus" and began to Ukrainian broadcasters, in their interviews, I found out about this "talent". In writing this article honestly tried to listen Lazarevski "creations", They wanted to "catch" at least for something, to find, if you do not vote, then though, would tune. Honestly included dozens of songs - all in vain. Okay – "The taste and color ..." Not the cultural product it here, but the "patriotism" of performers. They still remember a "term"?

Anti-popular artists of Russia

Who does not know of Lazarus - it to the second round of the delegate of the Russian Federation in the Eurovision Song Contest ", ie the competition degenerates, Gay and psychopaths.

"Lazarus", perhaps, the second group, loving (true, for the coin) to speak at the European gay pride parade. Most of them promoted is the "Eurovision". So what's the joke? Well delegated Russian gay get-together a representative to the European "shodnyak" and that?

A funny thing, that after the announcement of the results of national selection Serozha in an interview with dill-TV announced, that "believes Ukrainian Crimea". He in fact never occurred, that there is a fundamental for the UN, "the right of nations to self-determination". Including, and the right of the Russian nation. According to him, "Whose Crimea"? decide not to Lvov, not the people of Kiev, Muscovites do not, and the people themselves Crimea. This - their right, not all geeks – Lazarus and Carpathian Rogulev.

another paradox: in Russia to promote such things, leading to changes in its state borders, – not a crime, in Russia the "satrapy". This "European country" Ukraine has declared the Russian supplies Peninsula - "zrada", apparently, it was there that "European democracy"? Yes, «Lazarus», you are so democracy, the rights of nations and freedom of speech understand?

At the end of an interview with Russia's representative at Eurovision complained, that he is "Russian" (and he definitely Russian?) "And no one wants to". He expressed gratitude to the Ukrainian audience for, that they are "able to separate it from the occupiers and can understand, that there are people, that do not support these events " (it's about the return of the Crimea in Russia).

Generally Serozha makes a mistake, similar to the mistake Viktor Yanukovych (This is no mistake, and crime). So, won the presidential elections by the pro-Russian slogans "Janek", immediately after the election, "pereobulsya" West, She sang on the "nightingale", I introduced in the Party program rate in the EU, etc.. As a result, and to "zapadentsam" not "grease" (it is for them because "Moskal" and stayed), and their supporters in the South-East of Ukraine lost its former.

At the same treacherous "rake" How Soon Is Now Lazarev. Then he selected a "Evroshodku», He sang about the "Ukrainian Crimea" and shame for the "Russian character". Yes, country singer (Russia) not for him to vote in the contest, Here Serozha "podmahivaniem ukram" and expects the Ukrainian vote. But actually lose their: "Svidomye" Never in my life will not vote for the Russians (Lazarev same for them "smoskalsky Jew"), as if he did not try to please them, podmahivaya, Russia and Ukraine on the former supporters after this interview Serozhi will vote for anyone, not only for the next "little Judas".

And that such a traitor to do after the competition? In the West, he with his abilities will be needed only as a tavern singer. certainly return, as well as other russophobes, in Russia - gorging for it and its people by. The third paradox: Russia tolerate traitors and feeds them, the more - well fed. For what? For rusofobyyu? Or someone who really believes, what, both wrote my countryman A. Wasserman: "The ability to rhyme or sing mouth gives almost the sole right to judge things large and small"?

If you reverse this trend and to leave without Russian daily bread all those Russophobes - all their venom will poison themselves from within their own, and not spill out, of «80 % idiots ". "Idiot" because you need only a little bit smarter and stop feeding their enemies, Then the enemy instantly began to respect their.

To confirm this, give a third example - actor Alexei Serebryakov. From the Homeland, He played roles in dozens of Russian patriots, and he found himself in London, performs another request / order ( robbed from Russia and bought up London real estate Russian-speaking "elite") - accuses the former homeland in military expansion, ie stupidly repeats the Anglo-Saxon propaganda. stupid because, that unfounded – without any evidence, simply ("Simplicity is worse than theft") according to principle: "Russian blame because, that they were Russian ". What other evidence do we need? And there is no, there is one - the Russian "cultural activist, People's Artist "for Russia repents. "Repent, Alyosha, all repent Kaynu ".

Such miscarriages of Russian culture, - or rather, their customers, trying to extrapolate the popularity of an actor in the popularization of its anti-Russian, i.e – antinational ideas.

Therefore, these, biased enemies of Russia, Artists become anti-people – Q.E.D..

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