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DEPL “Kronstadt” project 677 “Lada” It will be released on the test this year

The second in a series of submarine “Kronstadt” project 677 “Lada” It will be released on the test this year. This was reported by Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Korolev during a visit to the Central Design Bureau “Ruby”.

ДЭПЛ "Кронштадт" проекта 677 "Лада" выйдет на испытания в этом году

According to Admiral, Launched in September 2018 the submarine “Kronstadt” project 677 will be released for testing in 2019 year. Serial building submarines type “Lada” It will continue.

Submarine “Kronstadt” a protracted domestic shipbuilding. The second in the series of the project 677 “Lada” It was founded in July 2005 of the year. AT 2009 by the decision of the Ministry of Defense orders construction was suspended before transferring into trial operation of the brain Order PL series “St. Petersburg”. The resumption of construction occurred 9 July 2013 of the year. 20 September 2018 “Kronstadt” It was launched.

Currently, the GCC “Admiralty Shipyards” It is building one another submarine of this series – DEPL “great Luke”. Broadcast “Kronstadt” and “Great Luk” Navy is scheduled for 2020 and 2021 , respectively.

Submarines Project 677 type “Lada” referred to as fourth-generation diesel-electric submarines. Their surface displacement is approximately 1,75 thousand. t, they may develop underwater speed to 21 host. armed “frets” in particular, portable air defense systems “Caliber”. The crew has 35 human. Head boat project 677 is an “St. Petersburg”.