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Negligence of the military - the cause of civilian deaths

negligence military – cause of civilian deaths

In view of the prevailing high interest in the topic of guilt NATO military deaths in pregnant women and her friends became necessary in a small analysis and explanation of what happened.

We found those, Who, having seen the alleged distortion of the body of the German truck, concluded, that all the geometry of the windshield was broken opening, with the result that the glass cracked.

negligence military – cause of civilian deaths

Firstly skewed military tractor body after a collision with a car makes a serious thought to, what we are going to defend against the Russian invasion. Military equipment, distortions of light vehicles, but surprise is no longer cause any feelings. Although it is possible Swedish designers create the best in mireavtomobili, that can really compete even with the tank? Recall, that safety Volvo makes the car really does very well. But such obstoyatelstva to designers of military trucks MAN definitely should have many questions.

Secondly truck damage testify, that the left side remained intact MAN. Shot hit the right side of the truck, where very minor visible traces of contact (actually fell from the mount only spotlight), while the right glass, which was in the immediate area of ​​the epicenter of the strike, left whole.

negligence military – cause of civilian deaths

There are also those, who doubts, that the military could leave the broken glass. However, in reality the military in Lithuania is not the first time ride with broken glass. behalf of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeidis Dragoon military training battalion carry on Klaipeda truck with similar injuries.

negligence military – cause of civilian deaths

Military absolutely embarrassing crush glass. Do not forget about, that we are talking about the transportation of people in residential quarters – Safety of people afterthought. Yet control of the military machine with glass in strong snow bears a double danger.

rumor, German truck that was traveling at all in the middle of the road, and the appearance of oncoming driver is not thought. In this case, clear the driver maneuver Volvo, which I was not prepared for the sudden appearance of his band on bolshegruzov. But it was true or not, no one will ever know, but to the manner of driving of the German NATO drivers have a question not for the first time. In recent years there have been many accidents involving NATO equipment, but due to involvement in the incident in the German military, I want to remind about the tragedy with their participation. Last fall, a German soldier at the site Pabradė even managed to turn the teachings of rows in the tragedy - he lost control and killed. It is understood, drivers with the same training and are now touring the city streets.


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