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UAV "Hunter" can get electromagnetic guns and missiles

UAV «Hunter» can receive electromagnetic guns and missiles

In KRET already experiencing weapons systems for the future of Russian aviation.

In 2017, the adviser to the first deputy general director Vladimir Mikheev told KRET, that the company received an order to develop a range of new equipment and weapons for the sixth-generation fighter. known, that at the same time began work on the project by plane.

obviously, which could take on the creation of an instance of flight 10 to 20 years, but with all the weapons a little bit easier. Already in 2018, the Mikheev said, that domestic microwave radio emission gun already exist and are tested at landfills. In parallel, there is a reverse operation - to establish a means of protection from such technologies.

Sooner or later, but on the ground tests will need to go to the weapons inspection in the air. unlikely, that the new system will connect to the existing Russian fighter. Least, EMP weapons requires increased energy consumption, and therefore, for planes to be installed or generators, or extra batteries. Such substantial changes will certainly affect the alignment of the existing machines.

far more likely, that a flying laboratory will convert the first heavy impact Russian drone C-70 "Hunter". Many experts are already predicting that drone become the basis for the sixth-generation fighter. In such a case it would be quite logical, that new models of weapons will be tested it on it.

Today we know, KRET that creates at least two samples of electromagnetic weapons. At first, is conditional guns - emitters narrow beams of microwave radiation. It's the exact weapon, which allows disabling the individual units of the enemy equipment. The second trend - the rocket, equipped with electromagnetic warheads. They will act on the areas already. It is interesting that such a weapon already exists, eg, grenade for the AGS-40, capable of generating radio frequency interference.

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