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MAPF Audax 1931 – description and specifications

MAPF Audax 1931



Performance characteristics


A type

automatic pistol (free return from the shutter)

Caliber, mm

7,65 auto

Length, mm


barrel length, mm


Weight empty, g


Drum capacity / store


This 6.35-mm pistol blowback produced in 1931–1939 gg. for sale through the Paris firm «Kartusheri Francaise» and it has been developed on the basis of «Browning» model 1906 of the year. In its framework the fuse has been saved, a flag appeared from under the left cheek lever.

«Odaks» caliber 7,65 mm more like «browning» 1910 of the year; Both fuse on it were the same, like the model of smaller caliber, and unusually shaped bulge in the bottom of the handle ensures better coverage of weapons. Both gun supplied with the same marking PISTOLET AUTOMA-TIQUE CAL… Audax MARK REMOVAL FRENCH MANUFACTURING на затворе-кожухе. «Odaks» caliber 6,35 mm is a slightly modified «Unique» model 11, a «odaks» caliber 7,65 mm based on the gun «Unique», model 19.

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