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FN Baby Browning 1932

FN Baby Browning 1932



FN Baby Browning 1932 - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

FN Browning Baby

Caliber, mm


Length, mm


barrel length, mm


Drum capacity / store


appeared in 1932 year, this gun caliber 6,35 mm blowback is a modified model 1906 of the year. A characteristic feature was his front elongated frame, which gave the gun more "blunt" appearance. Framework fuse absent, and the manual was a long lever, held under the left cheek lever, with the head, situated just behind the trigger guard trigger. Early samples, in addition to the abbreviation FN at the top of the handle cheeks, the bottom was stamped the name BABY. When in the late 1940s, the production of these weapons to the "Factory Nacional" renewed, BABY word was omitted. In pistols, intended for export to the US, instead of the FN on the cheeks of the handle was placed word BROWNING.

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